What is SmartMove and Why Should You Be Interested?

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03-November-2017 on News

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Here’s the big question in professional sports video anylisis circles at the moment: Nacsport or SportsCode? Well, we believe that’s a no-brainer and, therefore, SmartMove was born.


So…what is SmartMove?


Quite simply, it’s the name we give to the ever-increasing phenomenon of teams and analysts changing their software of choice from Hudl SportsCode to Nacsport. It may even cover those who have seen the power of Nacsport and have decided to work with both programs complimenting each other. In either case, it’s an smart step that many have already taken.


It’s also the hashtag we use on social media, especially Twitter, to announce those users who have made the #SmartMove to Nacsport. In many cases, they tell us what motivated this change. 

SmartMove in Rugby

The UK could be where #SmartMove is most active. In these two articles (Part 1 and Part 2), we talk to Gloucester Rugby Club and find out why they decided to use Nacsport for their video analysis instead of SportsCode.




And let’s stay in the UK for a while longer. The English Rugby League, amongst others, are also SmartMovers having ditched SportsCode for Nacsport.

Now, let’s jump the pond and talk to the Houston Sabercats and the Colorado Raptors, two US rugby league teams who both agree that making the SmartMove was an easy choice. They also agree on the reason why they changed, namely the lower price and the lifetime license Nacsport gives. No need to pay yearly fees here!



SmartMovers in Football


Some of the most successful teams in Europe have added Nacsport to their arsenal (small “a”, we’re not going to talk about Arsenal!) These clubs now use Nacsport in parallel with SportsCode for their analysis work.


Look no further than one of the best club sides in the world at the moment. 2019 Champions League champions, Liverpool FC are dual Nacsport / SportsCode users, which just goes to show there is a level of compatibility there.


Nacsport SmartMove


But they are not the only example we can give you. Seville FC, another giant in European football, uses the same system as the Anfield side. Or Scottish team Hibernian FC, same set-up.


Going back to Spain, Villareal FC and Valencia FC have used both programs in the past, although in recent times their analysis teams have opted for Nacsport.


FC Emmen from Holland, currently playing in the highest echelons of Dutch football, decided to directly swap from SportsCode to Nacsport. Their reason? Less money and a lifetime license. No yearly fees.


Video Analysis at Atletico Madrid


The Netherlands, SmartMovers in Hockey


Let’s stay in Holland for the moment but move our attention to hockey. At the beginning of 2017, Dutch Hockey Club were featured in our blog and explained their reasons for changing analysis programs. Together with HIC, they were pioneers in taking the leap from SportsCode to Nacsport.


They continue working with Nacsport to this day!




They were not the last hockey club to jump ship. MHC Drunen, HC Union, HC Rijswijk and Hoorclub Voordan also made the #SmartMove.


In South African hockey, our friends at Glenwood High School, in the city of Durban, also joined the bandwagon.


All of them agree on the ease of changing programs, both have similar tools and features, and, of course, the price and support received from Nacsport.


SmartMoving in Other Sports


We’ve barely scratched the surface of SmartMovers! There are many more examples in a wide array of sports and in far flung places. Take South Korean Basketball team Seoul SK Knights as an example. After 14 years of using SportsCode, this top-flight team decided to make the change to Nacsport.




The simplicity of using graphic panels, the options for exploiting data and the method of payment have all been cited as reasons for changing.


A similar situation happened with the Limerick Senior Hurlers in the Gaelic Football League (GAA). But in their case, they haven’t only limited themselves to the software. They have also adopted some of our add on features such as Tag&View and Nacsport Coach Station. A very SmartMove!  


Cloud Analysis or Local Storage: What's Best?


SmartMoving Outside Professional Sport


It’s not only the professional sport world were change is happening in sport analysis. Universities such a Southampton Solent University or Northumbria University now teach Nacsport alongside SportsCode.


In addition, at Sheffield Hallam University, they have more than 60 Nacsport licenses after making a complete transition from SportsCode. This is a fully fledge SmartMove as they now, taking advantage of the lower cost of Nacsport, can have even more students learning about video analysis.  


Why Switch from SportsCode to Nacsport? 


Every user has their own personal reason for changing, but let’s summarize some of the oft repeated which may be of interest:


  • Competitive prices. Our products replicate most of the processes of SportsCode, in many cases more proficiently, for much less money.
  • Exclusive tools. Nacsport offers exclusive tools that you cannot find in SportsCode such as nested buttons and sequence templates, data patterns and heat map, and many others to optimize your workflow. Contact us if you want to know more!
  • Lifetime licenses. You only have to pay for your Nacsport license once and then you own it for life (except Coach Station and Viewer which are annual licenses). Contact our team at sales@nacsport.com for more information. We also offer payment plans for paying in installments.
  • Continuous development. In the last three years we have published 11 updates that have added over 200 new tools and functions in our range of 5 programs.
  • Dedicated support service. Working for the user is our top priority. All of our current users highlight the availability and effectiveness of our dedicated and hardworking team.


And If I Want to Work With Both?


If, in spite of everything we’ve said, you still don’t want to switch to Nacsport, you could try using both programs simultaneously, as some teams already do.


With Nacsport you can import the SportsCode (SCpkg) and Gamebreaker (GBpkg) timelines from SportsCode and open them in our program.


You can also to the reverse and export Nacsport databases in XML which can be opened in SportsCode programs.



So, Do You Want to Make the SmartMove?


Contact our sales team at sales@nacsport.com and ask us for information without obligation.


The #SmartMove is waiting for you!


Download your Nacsport Free Trial Here

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Once a month, we'll send a compendium of our best articles, interview and advice, straight to your inbox. Enjoy!

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