12 Basic Q&A about Coach Station

By Nacsport

08-August-2018 on Tips

3 minute read
In this blog we have gathered all the questions we received these last two weeks about our latest release: Coach Station. We’ve tried to give you some answers here, so you can better understand how it works and how can it help you.
1.  What is Coach Station for?

Coach Station is a tool aimed to help real time analysis by turning a Nacsport licence –anyone except Viewer or mobile apps- into a temporary machine to receive video & data from another Nacsport Pro Plus or Elite licence.

2. What are the requirements to use Coach Station?

Along with your Coach Station, you will need two Nacsport licences: (a) a sender computer with a Pro Plus or Elite licence and (b) a receiver with a second licence. This second licence will temporarily turn your program into Coach Station to receive video and data. Both machines must be connected to the same local network (no Internet required).

3. Can I use Coach Station on multiple computers?

Yes, Coach Station is not linked to a specific computer or licence. The program is activated with the licence number and e-mail. You can enable and disable the licence as many times as necessary. You can also have multiple Coach Stations linked to one sender computer at the same time.

4. What kind of information does the sender computer stream?

This will depend on the licence used by the sender. If you own a Pro Plus licence you can only send video footage. However, if you own an Elite licence, you will be able to send both video footage and data. That data can be ‘read’ by the Coach Station through play by play, dashboards and matrix.

5. How can the devices be connected?

If you want to connect the sender and receiver, both devices need to be within the same local network (no Internet required). In the manual of Coach Station, you will find information about how to connect them. 

6. Can I watch footage outside of a register?

Yes, you can. With Coach Station you can watch any moment of the video from the moment you connect to the sender. During the live register, you can go backwards and review past moments as many times as needed, even if that footage does not correspond to any register.

7. Can I watch the video with delay?

Yes, there is an option to delay the video that is being streamed.

8. Can I watch the footage before I started the connection?

No, you can only watch the footage from the moment you connect to the sender.

9. Is it possible to work with my own dashboards?

You can open your own dashboards in the receiver, if the charts or labels include categories and descriptors used in the sender. Both the Play by Play table and matrix also show the data streamed by the sender. The matrix is being generated by the data being registered, not the receiver. 

10. Can I use my licence when I’m in Coach Station mode?

As stated before, Coach Station temporarily turns your licence into a receiver. When the computer is receiving data, you cannot use the other features. You must shut down Coach Stationto run your normal licence again.

11. Are the video and data stored on your computer?

No. Coach Station is a tool developed for real time. You can receive videos and data during streaming, but once the streaming is finished, data are not stored in the receiver. They will only be stored on the sender computer.

12. How can I get a Coach Station licence?

It’s simple! You can purchase it on this website or e-mail us at sales@nacsport.com. Coach Station is valid for one year. If you want to receive Coach Station Support, you must have the current Support & Updates services in the computer where Coach Station is installed.

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