Entry Level Analysis: The Power of Basic

By Duncan Ritchie

25-May-2021 on Tips

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If you’ve spent any time rooting around the Nacsport product page, you may already know that there are 5 different versions of the program in our range. These go all the way from the dizzy heights of our flagship products, Pro and Elite, used by pro clubs around the world, through our intermediate analysis solutions, Basic+ and Scout and their unbeatable value for money, and ending with our entry level software, Basic.


Now, it might be the baby of the family, lacking some of the high powered tools of its bigger siblings, but Basic still packs a punch and, rest assured, in certain cases, Basic can go round for round with some of the big lads.


In this blog, we’re going to talk a little about the power of Basic and what makes it a great choice for some analysts.


Let’s go…

So...Who Should Use Basic?


Anyone can use Basic!


But, of course, not everyone will want to. It’s probably not the best tool for professional clubs such as Liverpool FC who will probably want a bit more analytical power at their fingertips.


But it certainly has its place in the ever growing world of video analysis.


Last summer we published this article in which we suggested that there are three big factors (Experience, needs and budget) which could be key when deciding which Nacsport software to buy. Let’s quickly recap what we said about Basic and those who should be using it. If you see yourself in any two or more of these categories, then Basic could well be for you:




Analysis of amatuer football


Generally speaking, those who ultimately choose Basic will be those who have had little or no experience with sports video analysis but are interested in getting into this emerging discipline.


You might be the coach of an amateur or youth team looking to give your side a boost and think that video analysis might just be the way to go. You almost certainly are not a professional coach and you’re definitely not a professional analyst.


On the other hand, perhaps you aren’t a coach at all, but rather someone who is extremely passionate about sport and looking to get into a new hobby which will help you understand the sport a little better.


Whatever the case, your experience of using video analysis software is limited.




Obviously, the needs of a grassroots coach or hobbyist will vary vastly to those of a professional analyst at top-flight clubs. The analytical power of Nacsport Elite, for example, is second to none and allows the analyst to get deep down into the game.


Generally speaking, those who use Basic will be looking for something a little bit more superficial. You probably want to analyze fundamental aspects of your sport. Take football, for example. You’ll be able to measure the amount of goals, corners, freekicks and possession that your team has and analyze various aspects of the game in order to inform your strategy.


Perhaps you already use basic video editing software such as iMovie or Adobe Premier for creating highlights reels of key points in the game and you want dedicated software which will help you do this quickly and efficiently.


Again, whatever the case may be, you’ll be looking for software which is easy to use and intuitive...and that’s exactly what Basic is.





Those who use Basic will be conscious about the amount of money they have to spend. There are no bottomless money pits at your club and you need to work within a tight remit to get what you want.


Perhaps you’re even buying the software out of your own pocket and don’t want to break the bank...well this would be a good time to tell you that Basic can be paid for in two low installments over a year.


Conversely, you’ve decided that you DO want to lay out some cash for dedicated sports analysis software. You’ve been using cheap video editing software such as the above mentioned Adobe and iMovie products or you’ve been using the free versions of software such as Longomatch and have come to the limits of what you can do with them.


With a low entry-level price, Nacsport Basic is just the product you’re looking for.


Ok...What Can Basic Do?


Well, as already mentioned, it allows you to analyze a game or match. Whether your sport is football, basketball, hockey, rugby, hurling or any number of other sports, Nacsport Basic can be adapted to your needs. So how does it do this analysis? 


As a quick overview, you watch a match - this can either be done live or through video - and you press customizable buttons to “tag” actions that you want to bring up with your team. Tagging an action will create a short video clip of that moment and add it to a register of actions which will allow you to keep a numerical eye on the match - number of shots, corners, etc. After the tagging has finished you can use the video clips to create a presentation for your team and dig deeper into the match data.


Last year, we published this article which was designed to talk you through the benefits of video analysis with Nacsport. We identified the following benefits:


•    It saves time. This is especially true if you are used to doing your video analysis with non-dedicated software.
•    It improves communication. As well as video presentations, you can also create visual statistical Dashboards, add drawings or voice notes to your videos, export your data to Excel and many more things which make communicating ideas to teammates a breeze.
•    It’s 100% objective. You can’t argue against video. Nacsport provides 100% proof of weaknesses in your team and training needs.
•    It gives you the edge. As well as being able to analyze your own team, you can also analyze an opponent, provided you have video available. See your opponents weaknesses and build your strategy around that.


Let’s move on to talk about some of the different environments you’ll find within the software.


Button Template



The Button Template is the basis of your analysis. This is where you’ll create the buttons which will be used to tag your video. You create what we call Category buttons which correspond to the actions you want to analyse during a match. Typical buttons for analyzing attack might include Shots on Target, Shots off Target, Good Free Kicks, Bad Free Kicks, Goal, etc.


In Basic, you have a limit of 25 buttons to play with on each template. This means that you can tag and compile data and video clips for a variety of different actions at the same time. It just takes a click of the button.


Nacsport Button Template for Ice Hockey


It’s worth noting that, as you move up the Nacsport range, different types of buttons open up to you as well as different limits. Basic+, for example, adds Descriptor buttons and a 50 button limit to your template while Scout and above have no limits. This brings a whole new level of organization and depth to your analysis work. But that’s a story for another day.


Video Player and Timeline

nacsport video player and timeline

What good is video analysis software without a video player?


The Nacsport player is a powerful tool in itself, putting total control in your hands. There are 5 different playback speeds to choose from including super slow motion which can also be added to exported video presentations.


The Timeline is where you’ll be spending a lot of your time. Basically, this is a representation of the tags that you’ve made during the game. Each tag will appear here and you’ll be able to see the corresponding clip by clicking on it.





The Nacsport Dashboard is a tool which allows you to turn the data you’ve collected whilst tagging into eye-catching charts, graphs and data labels. These graphics are interactive which means that clicking them will open the Video Player and play the clips related to that graph.


Want more? As we have already said, there are various options for exporting your collected data to Excel which can then be used in other data visualisation programs such as Tableau or Power BI. The data can also be used to create beautiful looking dashboards in PowerPoint like this example from Hurworth Sport.



In this article, GAA analyst, Tony Bambrick gives some examples of how to use Nacsport data with PowerPoint with great results.





As we mentioned above, one of the main advantages of using dedicated video analysis software is that it improves communication with your team, and what better way to do this than creating professional video presentations for your team to watch. 


Want to show them all the best plays in a game to boost morale? Create a list of these actions and export the video. Conversely, want to highlight areas where your team’s defence is weak? Create another list of clips containing these items and export them.


On top of this, the Presentations environment is where you can add drawings or text notes using the inbuilt telestrator or add voice notes or music.


Simply put, this is a powerful, easy to use video editing tool which produces great looking video presentations which are easy for your team to understand.


The Price of Basic and Upgrades


Basic is the most economically friendly program in our range of software and is available at a pocket friendly price. To check the price in your local currency click here.


The program can be paid for in a oner or in two 6-monthly installments over a year. The price includes registration to our Support and Update Service which provides you with access to our team of experts to resolve any problems you might be having with the software and automatic updates of the software.


For full disclosure, it’s worth noting that Basic is the only program in our range where our Lifetime License policy does not apply. After the first year of use, there is a mandatory subscription to our Support and Update Service which must be paid in order to keep the software running. But don’t worry, this is available at a lower price than the initial purchase price!


For more information on purchasing Nacsport, have a look at this article.


It’s worth noting that, should you reach the limits of what you can do with Basic, it’s very easy to upgrade your Nacsport package to the next level in our range. If you want to go from Basic to Basic+, for example, you don’t pay the full price for the new software but, instead, just pay the difference between the two. This article will give you more info on upgrading and, while you’re at it, click here for a comparison of Basic and Basic+.


upgrade your nacsport


Try It for Free


Ok, if you’ve got to this point in the article then you have to admit that you’re interested in Nacsport’s video analysis solutions


So, why not try it for yourself?


We offer a completely free, no-obligation trial of any of our software packages for 30 days. We also have a range of resources on our YouTube channel which will give you all the info you need to get up and running with your analysis work.


Click here to get started with your trial, right now! If you've got any other questions about Nacsport Basic, don't hesitate to contact us through the form on our website or hit us up on TwitterFacebook or LinkedIn where we'll be happy to answer your questions.

Thanks for reading!

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Once a month, we'll send a compendium of our best articles, interview and advice, straight to your inbox. Enjoy!

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