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14-August-2018 on Tips

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A couple of days ago, Nacsport user Krzystof Stasiak asked us via Facebook how he could register advanced information regarding the teams passing during a football match: from whom, to whom, from where, to where… We decided to release this blog to explain how to do this, and…. if he is asking, maybe others will want to know how to prepare your template to register this information too.
Before starting, you must have at least a Basic Plus licence, because you need Descriptors. If you do not know what “Descriptors” are, then we recommend you watch the following video first which explains types of buttons depending on their behaviour.

If you didn’t know, Basic does not have Descriptors, only Categories. Apart from this, it is important to highlight Basic Plus only allows 50 buttons you need to split between Categories and Descriptors.

Step 1: Add buttons to the template

Let’s add two groups of Descriptors in the template:

A. Players
B. Pitch areas

In the attached example, you can see how we created 11 Descriptors representing players (on the right) and we divided the pitch into 17 different areas (left).

You can create as many buttons as needed, as many as your Nacsport version will allow.

nac rrss plantilla futbol 2

Step 2: Confirm buttons’ behaviour

Although this may seem obvious, it is a common mistake. Before finishing our new template with new buttons, we will confirm they are all Descriptors, as they are going to describe the button “PASS”. A reminder here: the Category is the main button when registering actions, and it is followed by one or more Descriptors.

By default, Descriptors are recognised visually by a red dot in the upper-left corner. You can hide this little red dot if you wish. (in the attached example, you can see how we hide the dots in the buttons representing the pitch areas).

Step 3: Add images to buttons or inactive buttons as background

Now, we are going to visually identify these new buttons with two options:

A. Add images to buttons. In this example, we added pictures of shirts in the buttons. Also, there is a 2-letter text telling their position on the pitch (GK for goalkeeper). We could also have added pictures of their faces instead or hide the text.

B. Add an inactive button as background. A picture of a football pitch will be added as an image to that inactive button. Buttons will be placed inside that button representing areas in the same way we did in our example.

Step 4: Register data

Register your game always following the same clicking flow. Any time there is a pass, we will register first the Category PASS, then Descriptors: the name of the player, the area where the pass will start from, the receiver, and area where the pass is received.

All this data will be stored in our analysis, so we can work with it later.

Step 5: Analyse data

After finishing our registering, we will start to analyse our data. You’ll have different tools –depending on your software version - to have access this specific data:

• The most basic tool –also the most rudimentary - is the timeline. You will be able to find all registers in our analysis with corresponding Descriptors. Search manually, register by register, until you find what you are looking for. The coolest part: it’s available in all our programs.

• Without any doubt,


–available in all versions, are the best option to combine Descriptors to find specific clips, as you are able to create tags and charts showing exclusively the registers with selected descriptors.

nac rrss dashboard futbol

• Searcher Tool. Only available in Pro Plus and Elite, you can filter the search by three different Descriptors. In Elite, we can search clips on unlimited videos.

Creating a new matrix row

. Starting on a basic matrix, we select the Category “PASS” with one of the Descriptors and we will create a new row with this result. Then, we will combine this new row with another Descriptor to create a second row. We will repeat once again and will find specific clips we were trying to find. This option is only available in Pro Plus and Elite.

nac rrss matrix futbol

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