Nacsport Pro vs Elite: Sport Analysis at the Highest Level

By Duncan Ritchie

12-March-2020 on Tips

16 minute read

Well, we’ve already taken you through the differences between Basic, Basic+, Scout and Pro, and now we come to the end of this series by comparing the two top-dogs in the Nacsport line-up, Pro and Elite. These are professional level tools used by top-flight teams around the world.


If you need to get the absolute maximum out of your sport performance analysis, with one of the best value tools on the market, this article is for you.


The big difference between these two programs is that Elite builds and improves on the features already available in Pro, but it also has a few tools which are completely exclusive at this level.


Basically, Nacsport Elite has it all. It’s the jewel in the crown.


So, let’s go under the bonnet and take a closer look.

Unlimited Sequences


Pro allows you to make up to 3 button templates which you can use to tag video in sequence. Elite,on the other hand, has no such limitations and you can create as many templates as you need.Link templates together for smooth, fluid, fully customizable video analysis.



Linked Buttons


Now, we arrive at the first of many exclusive Nacsport Elite tools which we’re going to look at in this article.


Essentially, it gives you the option to link buttons in the template together. For example, in football/soccer, you have a category for Shots and another for Goals. Well, since a Goal will almost always come from a Shot, why not link these two together? Registering a Goal will now automatically register a Shot, making your analysis easier and more complete.



But there are more applications, like activating and deactivating links. For example, you can use a button to measure the Possession of your team by linking it to buttons for Loss and Recovery of the ball.


This means that when you click Recovery, the Possession counter will be activated and clicking Loss will deactivate it. You can now measure three different statistics with only one click of the button. I’m sure you see how useful this could be for gathering data.



Import Button Names


This is a simple feature, but a huge time-saver and it’s only available in Nacsport Elite. This tool allows you to rename all the buttons on your template at the same time by importing a .txt or .csv file.


This is especially useful when scouting rival teams. Create a .txt file on notepad with names of rival players and import it to Nacsport and, hey presto, all the buttons are automatically renamed, saving you the monumental task of going through the template and renaming each, one by one.



Enhanced Graphic Descriptors


Maybe the title of this section doesn’t attract your attention. But what if we mention Heat Maps?


That’s piqued your interest, eh?


In Pro, we’ve already looked at various export options and joining co-ordinates to see a movement map. In Elite, we can add the aforementioned HeatMaps to these options as well asZoneSearch and Occupied Area tools.


Heat Maps


We’re sure Heat Maps need little explanation. Select the actions you want to see in the descriptor, activate the Heat Map option and see the zones where the majority of the action is happening on the field or court during the game.



Zone Search


The Zone Search will allow you to select a specific area ofthe playing surface and see the actions that have happened only in that area.


For example, if you are only interested in what has happened in the centre of the field of play, select this area and see a heat map, movement map or occupied area, limited to the desired area.


Video Analysis Department

Video Analysis Department

Occupied Area


So, that brings us to the Occupied Area tool, another Elite exclusive.


When activated, the program will show you a polygonal shape to indicate the area where a specific action has been taking place.


For example, if you want to see the area of the field where your team’s passing game has been ineffectual, you can get an instant graphic representation of this information.



Measure Chemistry Between Players


We’ve already covered this feature in the previous article where we compared Scout and Pro. Go and have a read if you haven’t already! Elite adds a degree of functionality to this tool with the ability to create sub-groups.


So, what does this mean? Well, in terms of basketball, in Pro you can use this feature to see how well your starting five play together, to see how well chemistry works in the team as a whole.


In Elite, you can enhance this analysis. Want to see how well the center and point guard work together on the court? Create a sub-group to analyze only these connections. This  connection can be saved so you can compare the chemistry over a series of games.



Work with Up to Four Videos


Depending on the level of the program, you can work with one, two or four videos in the same analysis. Nacsport Elite allows you to work with the maximum…four!


During Registration


As the following video shows, this option allows you to register actions from 4 different angles in the same match. Don’t miss a single detail of the action.



For Every Analysis


Not only will you be able to register from up to four different videos, but you can also do the same during analysis. For example, if you’ve recorded the game from 4 different cameras, you can import these videos to the same database.



Mosaic Video Presentation


As well as registering and analysing 4 different videos, you can also produce a mosaic video presentation with all the angles used, up to a maximum of four.


Review Actions from Counter in Real-Time


Here’s another tool available in Pro but with added functions in Elite. In this case, it’s related to working in real-time.


Clicking on the action counter during real-time registration will open a new window in which you can see your registered actions. Life made easier!



Joint Analysis in Real-Time


Let’s continue talking about real-time analysis with the next Elite exclusive tool, released with v5.0.


This tool allows up to four analysts to work together in real-time from different computers and automatically create a combined database.


This will save you a lot of time as there is no need for you to manual combine these databases at a later date.



Dual Capture

We move on from tagging actions to recording video. In this aspect Nacsport Elite stands head and shoulders above the rest as we introduce the Dual Capture capability.


This means that you can capture video from two different sources. For example, your own camera, a television feed or an IP camera set up in the stadium.


In addition, whilst capturing the images, you can view them independently, split-screen or in-screen and switch between every option at will!




Search Tool


This is another tool which may sound familiar if you’ve read the previous Scout Vs Pro article. The difference here is that there are no limitations to its use in Elite.


This means that you can load as many games as you want on to the timeline and use the search tool to find actions within all those videos, not just one as in Pro.



The timeline also offers up time search, which is another additional tool in Elite.



Open A Template in Timeline to Complete Analysis


You’ve probably encountered this problem before: You’re reviewing your tagged actions on the timeline and realise that you’ve missed something. You’ve missed an action or have omitted a certain descriptor.


Well, with Nacsport Elite, that’s not a problem. You can open your button template in the timeline and add those actions easily, thus completing the analysis!



Data Patterns


Another Nacsport Elite exclusive which helps you get ahead of yourself.


With Data Patterns you will “teach” the program to find recurring patterns in a game. For example, when a winger links up with a striker, does this action usually result in a goal?


You set the guidelines and Nacsport will find recurring patterns for you. Hidden information which gives you extra insight which may not be obvious to the naked eye.



Combining Descriptors in the Matrix


Within the data matrix you will also find significant new tools such as the ability to combine descriptors.


Combine various descriptors and add them to the data matrix as a new descriptor. This opensthe creation of much more specific filters for your data.



New Dashboard Options


Our users have commented that these are some of their favourite and most used features in Elite. We’re sure, as a new Elite user, you’ll love them too!


Multiple Analyses on Dashboards


As the name suggests, this allows you to collect data from multiple sources and combine it on the same dashboard.


Imagine you want to see the statistics for all of your team’s away games or analyse an opponent’s previous 5 matches. Elite allows you to combine all this data on the same dashboard and get all the info you need.


See, we told you you’d like it!



Variable Labels


With variable data labels you can change descriptors without creating new labels. This is especially useful when viewing individual player data.


This way, you can have your dashboard ready and,with just a few clicks, change the data ofactions you want to analyze for each player.



Apply Calculations to Labels


In Elite, you can apply calculations to your data labels. This is perfect when, for example, in a basketball game, you want to apply a calculation to a label in order to act as the scoreboard.



How to Install Nacsport on Mac


Send data to Coach Station


Coach Station is a Nacsport product especially designed to receive video sent from a central computer. Elite allows Coach Station to receive both video and data.


So, a member of the coaching staff on the bench with Coach Station can receive a real-time stream of video and data collected directly from the analyst sitting in the stand. As you might imagine this could be of immense help with in-game coaching decisions.


Purchase Options




Single payment or 3 yearly installments. Both options include Support and Update Service (SUS) until end of payment period.

Optional, but recommended, renewal of SUS after payment period ends.




Single payment annual subscription. Support and Update Service (SUS) included.

Annual renewal of license.





Single payment or 3 yearly installments. Both options include Support and Update Service (SUS) until end of payment period.

Optional, but recommended, renewal of SUS after payment period ends.




Single payment annual subscription. Support and Update Service (SUS) included.

Annual renewal of license.




The decision is yours but bear in mind, if you are an existing Nacsport user, an Upgrade to your license is possible. Simply pay the difference between the different levels of the program. This means you don’t have to rebuy your license, saving you a lot of money and giving you access to a more advanced toolset.


Support and Update Service, though not mandatory, is highly recommended to ensure that your software doesn’t run into compatibility problems and that you receive technical assistance whenever you need it.




So, that’s it for today. We know this is a long text, but hopefully it has been useful to you in seeing the distinct advantages that Elite has over Pro.


We’re convinced that you will be enamoured with the new tools you find in Nacsport Elite. But we can only give you the relevant info. We can’t make the choice for you!


We hope this article and all the other preceding comparison articles have been of help.


If you have any remaining doubts, contact us by email or through social media. We’d love to hear from you!


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Thanks for subscribing to our newsletter!

Once a month, we'll send a compendium of our best articles, interview and advice, straight to your inbox. Enjoy!

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