Nacsport Scout Plus vs Pro Plus: Jump into Professional Sport Analysis:

By Duncan Ritchie

06-March-2020 on Tips

12 minute read

Today, we continue our series of articles comparing the various software packages Nacsport has to offer. We’ve already looked at the difference between Nacsport Basic and Basic+, and then went on to compare Basic+ with Scout+.


Now we turn our attention to Scout+ and Pro+.


If you are reading this, it would be our understanding that you’ve probably been working as a video analyst for several years already and know a thing or two about the fundamentals of analysis. You may even be familiar with the functionality of our two Basic programs.


Now you want a step-up. You’ve ran the course with the range of tools available to beginners and want something more advanced. Well, we’ve got you covered.


The big difference between Scout+ and Pro+ is that, with Pro+, we really are in the realm of the professional. Pro+ contains all the tools and features we’ve already talked about in the lower tier programs plus many improvements and tools for you to get stuck into.


So…let’s go deeper!

Sequencing and Other Advanced Template Options


Panel Flows for Templates


Right at the start you’re going to notice differences between the two programs. Pro+ now allows you to use up to 3 templates in sequence. This gives you the power to automate and optimize many processes by adding extra tagging templates to the main one.



Clustered Buttons


Here’s another great feature of the Pro+ template. With this option you can superimpose your buttons on the template so that, by clicking the top layer, it automatically registers on the bottom layer.


This means that you can register many more actions with much fewer clicks.



Additionally, you can assign buttons the ability to automatically add actions to lists and presentations (auto-list and auto-presentations). You can also create a “wild-card” button which can be used to register unidentified actions.


As you can see, within the fundamental area of registering actions on the video, a wide range of possibilities open up to you with Pro+.


Find the Chemistry in Your Team


In Pro+ you can also configure your template to analyze and check data based on the connections between players and how well they work together. This can be a great way of seeing which team formations work best and which players have the best chemistry together.



More Options for Graphic Descriptors


We already spoke about graphic descriptors in the previous article. Basically, you can make a graphic representation of the court, pitch or field and tag where actions happen. In Pro+ this option is amplified as you have 7 distinct options for representing your actions in the panel.


What’s more, we introduce a tool which allows you to join co-ordinates together and additional options for exporting the panel image. It may sound complicated, but once you start using these options, you won’t be able to stop!



Advanced Video Capture and Data Matrix


Some of the biggest changes between Scout+ and Pro+ come in these two areas. Let’s take a look at.


Review Actions Without Stopping Capture


Imagine being able to review actions without stopping the cameras rolling. Wouldn’t that be great? It’d be like adding an instant replay feature to your live analysis, eh? Well, this is exactly what Pro+ allows you to do.



And it doesn't end here, since you can also watch a delayed feed of the game you are recording. Ideal if you want is to get an instant review of actions which happen live in front of you.


Advanced Search Options


The deeper your analysis, the more data collected, the more pressing the need for a search device which can take you directly to the specific action you need to find as quickly as possible.


And, lucky you, there is exactly that in Pro+.


Specify which data you want to see, for example all three-pointers scored in the last quarter or all shots one player has taken with his right foot, and the program will instantly show you the correct results.



Instead of simply searching for actions, you can also search for descriptors within those actions and go straight to that point which has been tagged in the video. In Pro+ you can do this from both the Timeline and the Data Matrix.



Customize the Data Matrix


There are more than a few new features to be found in the Data Matrix when you make the jump from Scout+ to Pro+.


For example, in Scout+ you already had the ability to create a Multiple Matrix combining the data from a maximum of 5 videos.


Well, Pro+ removes that limit and you can create a Data Matrix combined from a whole season’s worth of games, if you so wish. Sounds good, right?


But there’s more…much more.


Dynamic Matrix


So, what’s this?


Well, the dynamic matrix let’s you see actions in the Data Matrix which occur within a specific period of time. For example, directly after a goal or a 10-minute period after a substitution. It lets you home in on that data and see how your team are reacting to these changes.



Custom Matrix


This allows you to completely customize which data appears on the matrix. For example, you may want to see the three-pointers which your starting line-up has scored in the third quarter. With Pro+ you can do this easily.



This option is similar, but not the same as sub matrixes. These are created from an already made matrix and are particularly useful for discovering data about descriptors.


Advanced Presentations


You are also going to find new presentation features if you Upgrade to Pro+.


Consolidate to Save Time and Disk Space


You can now consolidate the presentation, basically get rid of unused video footage and keeping only what you need for video presentations. This feature basically serves to save space and share presentations easily as opposed to having to save the entire video.



Also, count on the ability to add illustrations to presentations (these are saved in the presentation but not in the timeline.) Ideal for quickly illustrating something on the fly.


Add Audio Notes to Video Productions


After organizing your presentation, you will produce the video and, with Pro+, you can add audio notes to supplement your presentation in order to better transmit a message.


Share Presentations and Illustrations in Real Time


If you are trying to decide whether to make the leap to Pro+, it’s likely that you work, at least some of the time, live and direct, and have a colleague, perhaps the coaches on the bench, who are receiving your data in other parts of the field.


Well, we’ve thought about this too, especially when it comes to sharing videos through a server. So, not only do you have the ability to share your personalized presentations, but also any illustrations you have added to these.





So, we reach that point again. It’s time to talk about cold, hard cash!


As in previous posts in this series, we cannot speak about specific prices because Nacsport is an international company and the currency will differ in every part of the world.


You can find out the price of Scout+ in your local currency on our website by clicking here.


For the price of Pro+, you must contact our distributor in your country or contact us here at


The payment options for Scout+ and Pro+ are exactly the same. Namely:


Single payment. Support and Update Service included for one year.




Payment in three yearly instalments. Support and Update Service included for three years.


Non-mandatory annual payment for Support and Update Service after stated period.



As always, please remember that, once purchased, you will be the owner of the software and will never have to buy it again. The only possible payment is the optional Support and Update Service subscription.


This service allows you to get regular updates as well as technical expertise should you run into any problems.


We would recommend this service and advise you to keep your software up to date in order to avoid conflicts with operating system changes or third-party interference. Remember, we can’t help you in these instances, unless you are up to date with these payments. The decision is in your hands.


If you decide to buy in instalments, you will not entirely own the software license until the payment period is complete. Support and Update Service will be included throughout the payment period.


In Conclusion


So, there you have it. As you can see, the difference between Scout+ and Pro+ is significant, but the choice is yours and hopefully we have helped you make up your mind.


But don’t worry, if you decide to go for Scout+ and later wish you had all the features of Pro+, it’s easy to Upgrade. All you have to do is pay the difference between the programs. No need to re-purchase.


See you soon for the final entry in this series when we compare Nacsport Pro+ and Elite!




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Are you enjoying this article?

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Once a month, we'll send a compendium of our best articles, interview and advice, straight to your inbox. Enjoy!

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