Which Is the Best Video Analysis Software for Me?

By Duncan Ritchie

07-August-2020 on Tips

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When you have a range of software packages as wide as ours, this is one of the questions which tends to pop up with regularity.


We don’t want to sell you a piece of software filled with tools that you’re never going to use. Likewise we don't want you to feel disappointed with something which is too basic and underpowered for your needs. We want to put exactly the correct amount of analytical power in your hands.


So, let’s try and answer this question in this post.


There are various factors which will influence your decision, but generally speaking, the three most important factors will be:


1. Experience 

2. Needs

3. Budget


We’ve split this post up into three sections, addressing each of these. We've given you a few statements, which you should read and match with your own situation, and a recommendation as to which software package is best for you.


Also, please remember, if you think your level of software is too low, you always have the option to upgrade your software at no extra cost apart from paying the difference between the two programs.


1. What Previous Experience Do You Have?



Your previous experience with video analysis will be one of the biggest factors in deciding which Nacsport is right for you. Obviously, a complete novice with zero previous knowledge of the discipline will not want to jump right into the deep end.


Read these statements and decide which are true for you:




• I’ve got very little experience using video analysis software and I’m basically starting from zero.


If this is you, we recommend Nacsport Basic as your starting point. Basic gives you a simple, intuitive set of tools ideal for a novice to get up and running in this new discipline




• I’ve got a bit of experience behind me.

• I’m already using Nacsport Basic or I’ve used free software such as Longomatch Free but I want more analytical power and something a bit more professional.


We’d recommend Basic+ which adds elements such as “descriptor” buttons, an essential for deeper, more professional analysis work.


If you're not sure about which of our two basic packages is best for you, another option we can recommend is doing a Nacsport Starter Course which includes a 3-month Basic+ licence for learning the fundamentals of video analysis and will give you the opportunity to try out the software at a more economical price.




• I am an amateur / semi-pro analyst, well acquainted with the basic tools of video analysis.

• I’m ready to take the next step up the ladder to becoming a full-time professional analyst and want more in depth analysis tools.

• I’ve already used Basic+ or other paid for video analysis software such as Dartfish, Longomatch, Hudl Sportscode, etc.


We recommend Scout, which has what we consider to be the best balance between price and professional level analysis tools on the market.


If you're not 100% sure about Scout, how about doing a Nacsport Advanced Course which includes a 3-month Scout licence for learning more advanced aspects of video analysis. This might be a more economical option which might help you make up your mind [Note: In order to start any Nacsport Advanced Course, you must first have passed the Starter Course].


Pro and Elite


• I’m a professional analyst and I’m currently working with Scout or other professional level software such as Hudl Sportscode, Dartfish or Coach-Logic.


• I am an analyst at a top-flight club and I simply want the best analysis software on the market.


If you're a pro analyst looking for high powered software, we have to recommendations for you. The first is Pro, a professional level software package with tools designed to give you professional level analysis.


The second is Elite, our completely unlimited flagship product which gives you all the analysis tools you could ever need and some you didn’t even know you needed!


Obviously there are some big differences between these two programs but both are worthy of use by professional teams, coaches and analysts. In order to find out which is best for you, why not contact us at sales@nacsport.com for an informal discussion where we can explain some of the major differences and allow you to make a fully informed decision.



2. What Are Your Needs? How Deep Do You Need to Go?



What do you need the software for? How deep do you want to get into your analysis? In many ways, this will link back to experience. An amatuer analyst will need far less tools than a professional working at a top-flight club.


Read the following statements and decide which are true for you:




• I don’t need anything very advanced.

• I want to be able to tag basic actions in a game, get basic statistics and make nice video presentations for my team.

• 25 buttons (e.g. shot, corner, free kick) in my template is enough for me and I’m only going to work with one video at a time.

• I won't be analysing live games or sharing dashboards or videos in real-time to other computers or devices.


We recommend Nacsport Basic. Analyse up to 25 different actions in a game, compile basic data, create statistical graphs and charts on a single Dashboard and make attractive video presentations.


Click here to see YouTube tutorial playlists for all software packages




• I would like a little bit more analytical power and flexibility.

• Defining my main categories (e.g. “Good” or “Bad” Shot) and seeing everything well organised in a matrix would be great.

• I might sometimes need to send visual information to other computers and devices on the bench during a game.

• I want to export my analysis in XML and XLS formats.



We recommend Basic+. 50 button limit which can be split into Categories and Descriptors as you see fit. Share Dashboards live over a network. Data Matrix for reviewing information and improved export options.



Click here to read the differences: Basic vs Basic+





• Unlimited buttons? Sounds great!

• I'd like the power to share live video to another device during a game.

• XY coordinate data is important to me.

• I usually work with more than one video at the same time.

• I like creating advanced video presentations.



We recommend Scout. Unlimited buttons, share video and Dashboards via network, create Graphic descriptors, unlimited videos to analysis and create a Multiple Matrix to accommodate the information from each, create advanced video presentations with many options for creating professional level videos.



Click here to read the differences: Basic+ and Scout




• My button templates can be complex and I want to organise them in a way which aids my analysis work.

• I work with more than five videos at the same time.

• I want to be able to review my videos whilst filming.

• Being able to analyse stats from specific periods of a match sounds good.

• I'd like to tag XY coordinates and see the movement of players.



We recommend Pro. Clustered buttons and up to 3 panel flows help to organise your templates logically, work with an unlimited number of videos in the timeline and Multiple Matrix, review videos without leaving capture, create Dynamic Matrixes to see actions tagged at specific periods of a match, create movement maps with Enhanced Graphic Descriptors.



Click here to read the differences: Scout and Pro




• I want everything mentioned above but without limits.

• Give me all of the most advanced analysis tools.

• Capturing and analysing the action from more than one camera is definitely something I will be doing.

• My colleague and I need to work together and analyse at the same time.



We recommend Elite. Analyse without limits, create as many buttons, panel flows, etc. as you like. Work with as many videos as you need to. Create heatmaps with Enhanced Graphic Descriptors. Dual video capture. Real-time joint analysis. Advanced features such as Player Connections, Category Frequency Charts, Data Patterns. Sports video analysis evolved.



Click here to read the differences: Pro and Elite


What's Your Budget?



This is the last question but just as important. We offer various forms of payment that make it easy for anyone to get their hands on our software. 

Annual Subscriptions


As of the 1st of June, 2022, Nacsport is now available through an annual software subscription. Pay for the software for one year. At the end of the year, simply renew your subscription for the following year.


This is, without a doubt, the cheapest way to get your hands on our software.

In fact, with this change, Nacsport Basic became a subscription-only service.


Lifetime Licenses

Unlike many video analysis software companies, we also offer the possibility of purchasing the software outright with our famous Lifetime Licenses.


There is an annual payment for our Support and Update Service, but this is non-mandatory.


Of course, we do recommend paying this low annual fee, as it means your software will also be up-to-date, but it's up to you.



Read the following statement and decide which are true for you:




• I’m on a very tight budget.


We recommend Nacsport Basic. Available for a low annual subscription rate.




• I’m on a limited budget but would like the option to buy the software at a low price over several years.


We recommend Basic+. Buy the software in 3 low yearly installments or get a yearly subscription.




• I want a professional tool at an affordable price.


We recommend Scout. Payable in 3 yearly installments and a great balance between price and performance. Also available as a subscription.


Pro and Elite


• I’ve got a big budget and I simply want to get a professional tool that’s right for me at the best price.


We recommend Pro or Elite. Contact our sales department at sales@nacsport.com to discuss which product is right for you and the terms and conditions of sale.


How's About an Upgrade?


• I want to get a higher level program but have already bought a lower level package.


Remember, if you feel you've made a mistake and begin to wish you had bought a higher level program, then that's no problem, you can very easily upgrade your Nacsport package by simply paying the difference between the two programs. This means that you don't have to pay the full price of the software again.


Do You Know Which One Is Right for You?


Hopefully this guide has been helpful in deciding which Nacsport product is the right one for you. If you’re still having doubts, why not get in contact with us for an informal discussion about your needs. You can email us at sales@nacsport.com or get hold of us through any of our social media channels.


If you have a good idea of which program you want, why not download the 30-day FREE demo and take it for a trial run before making the commitment.


Thanks for reading!

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Thanks for subscribing to our newsletter!

Once a month, we'll send a compendium of our best articles, interview and advice, straight to your inbox. Enjoy!

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