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24-May-2019 on Users

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For this week's Analyst Spotlight we head to Australia to discover the sport of OzTag, a non-contact game based on rugby league with similarities to touch football.Teegan Crawford has been the match analyst for the Queensland OzTag league since leaving university and also works as a Netball statistician at Suncorp Super Netball.

What's your name and job title? 
Teegan Crawford, I work as Game Analyst for Queensland Oztag, a league covering junior, senior and national teams.

Did you have any experience of video analysis software before you began using Nacsport?
Yes. I used several other video analysis programs as part of my university course.

There were typically more basic systems, offering simple ways to analyse the sports or skills we were learning about.  

I also work occasionally as a Statistician for Champion Data, tagging statistics for Suncorp Super Netball. (Champion Data provide analytical data and sports statistics to TV).

sports analysis oztag australia

Why Nacsport? 

I spent a long time researching the different softwares available, doing trial after trial. 

I’d worked with about 5 other software’s before finding Nacsport - where I experienced phenomenal support from the moment I made my first enquiry about the program. 

I was offered a trial for four weeks, which was ideal because I needed that much time to see if the program could cover everything we needed it to. 

Throughout the trial I was offered support, follow up emails to make sure everything was going well, and one thing that really ticked the box for me was that Gene (Nacsport’s official reseller) was really interested in our sport - Oztag. 

He advised me on setting up my workflow and genuinely wanted to help. He gave me lots of useful advice to make it easy to get started. It’s safe to say that the amount of help and support I received throughout the trial, as well as being OVERLY satisfied with the program, left me very impressed with the whole experience. 

Gene then helped me set up a license, pointed me in the direction of manuals, links, videos etc. Everything he could do to make it easy for me, he did. The whole process was incredibly simple and whenever I was stuck, I knew I had the support of a real person, to help me out. 

Within the program itself, everything is great. I’d say the system is very easy to use for someone new to sports performance analytics. It’s visually appealing, produces great data/graphs and it’s easy to export data. 

I still have constant questions for Gene weekly, and he comes back to me every time with a solution.

Did you have much contact with Nacsport before buying - and have you needed our support post-purchase?
As I’ve already mentioned, I was in touch with Nacsport, even before buying – and throughout the trial phase. Ever since my first email they have been really helpful.

My initial inquiry was handled by Gene and he’s offered me lots of support post-purchase, offering opinions on my workflow and guidance on getting the most from the more advanced features within the program. 

Overall, I’d say the support is extraordinary.

Without giving away any secrets, tell us a little about your current workflow and how Nacsport fits into your analysis process?
My current workflow begins with a range of simple statistics I want to build up data for, in order to set my baselines. So I’ll watch the match live while tagging those events. After that, I perform a second analysis, using manual descriptors paying detailed attention to the timings of plays. 

Once I have completed my tagging I open the Matrix and begin assessing the information, which I either export as an excel file to create my own graphs/presentations, or work on within Nacsport itself. 

I like to work with percentages and using the dashboard allows me to do that very easily. 

Some of the specific areas I work around include; the number of scoring opportunities we create when engaging 1, 2 or 3 defenders; scoring opportunities we create with plays of various lengths and how many ‘rolling runners’ we use through a game.

The Nacsport dashboard allows me to create graph charts or data labels, that make sense of that information, using all the statistics I inputted earlier. 

I also look at the timeline and see what specific events are occurring at what instance and with Nacsport that is very easy to see as it can be displayed horizontally, rather than in numerical form. 

Normally I will export the dashboard I’ve generated to create graphs or graphics, or I may jump back into the excel document exported earlier and work on my presentations from that.

I also like using the presentation tool to create small animated clips to present to the team. 

It really is so simple to work with and I can input any of my stats directly into a presentation, which I then animate with circles, arrows, highlights etc. 

I export my finished presentation into a video file, which is perfect to send to coaches, players or post on our social media. That really gets the conversations flowing and people thinking. 

In short, Nacsport has allowed me to do everything I imagined and much, much more. Whenever I’ve hit a wall, their support has got me back on track quickly and effectively, usually within minutes.

How has Nacsport helped your job as an analyst?
Nacsport has provided a pleasant ‘welcome’ into the Sports Analysis industry. 

This was my first job after graduating university, the natural flow of Nacsport has made it much easier than expected to begin achieving incredible results. We can also see evidence of its effect on wider team performance.

I always knew what type of stats I wanted to reveal and had a strong idea of where the team's strong points and weak spots were. But using Nacsport has made it all so clear - and taken all the guesswork away.

At first I wasn’t sure how things would work out, because Oz Tag is a unique sport. But the learning curve was simple and I soon found it possible to extract really quite advanced data and to drill down on the statistics that mattered to us.

I’ve gone on to develop my own workflow which generates information I quickly learned to understand and use to help develop the team.

And how has it helped the sport?
Nacsport has helped our sport massively and we are only just getting started. Oz Tag is relatively new and there is a lot of room for development and growth. 

My role, analysing the performance of our game and specific statistics within it, has given us evidence and answers I can then pass onto coaches and players. 

The information Nacsport provides us with gives us the ability to develop new skills, perfect existing ones and deliver the insights we need to better coach the players.

If you would recommend the software to another analyst, what would be the top three words you would use to convince them?

- Simple
- Informative
- Supportive

Read more of our analyst interviews on the Nacsport Blog.

And if you'd like to learn more about our analytical tools click here.


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