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10-July-2019 on Users

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In our latest Analyst Spotlight we voyage to the Canary Islands and Tenerife, where we meet Lorenzo Gaitán Muñoz, tactical analyst at Club Deportivo Marino - a small club with big ambitions and a clear vision for progressing over the next few years.

When and how did you discover Nacsport and were you using any other performance software before?
I discovered it last season. Looking for similar software we tested two or three until we really discovered what we were looking for, something intuitive, fast, effective and above all professional.

This is what makes the difference between Nacsport and other software. From the moment you open it up things are easy to work with - the button styles, the presentations etc.

What areas of your club structure use Nacsport use? 
We are a modest football club (playing in the 3rd Division), but we understand that tactical analysis is fundamental today for the growth of our players.

After a season of ‘investigation’ last year, the upcoming season we will see us introduce a tactical analysis department, with the goal of improving the team and raising awareness of the discipline at lower levels.

Nacsport forms an important part of our plans for growth at the club and to be honest, without it we would struggle to make the same kind of progress.

We work with the first team principally, but also with junior teams and more specifically with the goalkeepers. We analyse training sessions and use that information to create databases and search for patterns that can improve performance.

Approximately, how many matches do you usually analyze per week?
We analyze the home matches of all 5 teams and also use Nacsport to assess upcoming opponents of the first team.

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How do you use Nacsport? What is a 'typical analysis' for you?
Once a game ends I work with Nacsport to do a rough cut, editing out irrelevant material - injury stoppages, balls out of play, substitutions and passages of play I’m not interested in.

Following that we make a ‘second pass’, pulling out content from the game like attack-defense / defense-attack transitions, goal-scoring opportunities, set-pieces and any action involving the goalkeepers.

For me, this broad analysis should not be overly complex and only highlight moments our tech team can use to illustrate their work.

Do you work in real-time during matches? If so, what kind of information do you share? Have you already seen benefits?
As I said before, we’re a small club with limited resources. But we are actively laying foundations and have a plan which does involve introducing real-time analysis as soon as possible.

I’m totally aware of the benefits (of real-time analysis) and of gaining a deeper understanding of what’s happening on the pitch. And being able to discuss tactics with players at half time, using data from the previous 45 minutes will give us a real advantage.

This is the future of sports like basketball and football - and if we can begin using it I believe it will be advantageous.

Do you work with anyone else as part of your team?
No. I work alone, although we have a camera operator who is responsible for recording matches, so I can work from the complete videos.

My reports will cover different parts of the game and on a Monday I share these with coaches, through the Sharimg platform - which is another thing I like about Nacsport.

By Tuesday they will have come up with various points or situations they want to highlight and after passing them to me I begin turning them into short presentations for the players, which we’ll show them collectively in the projection room on a Thursday.

That’s the typical week, but to be honest, it varies greatly and no 2 weeks are ever the same.

How is your work used? Do coaches use your presentations?
Different coaches use the results of my work differently. It depends on the individual coach, the players he’s coaching and the issues they want to discuss.

When we analyse rivals we try to learn as much about then as we can, which eases the stress on the coaches, who can focus on discussing strategy rather than finding examples.

Usually, the entire team will watch these opposition videos unless the focus is very specifically on one or two players, in which case we sit down with them on a one to one basis.

With presentations, we usually visualize them all together, but sometimes with individual reports, we'll work only with specific trainers.

Do you focus on a particular area of a party to analyze? If so, in which? Do you also analyze the rivals?
Everything we analyse during a game has been agreed beforehand with coaching staff. At the end of the day, we can’t forget that our job is to make their work easier.

Sometimes, if we feel we need to, we analyse rival teams, but not often. When we do, we focus on danger players or key threats.

How do you think the team benefits from your work? 
The team, the players and the coaches should all benefit from analysis and we see it as a real team effort, where all components of the technical-tactical area of the club work together. As long as we recognise that everyone is working together, with a single goal, everyone benefits.

This should be the philosophy of every analyst, to enhance the team they support.

Do you reach your analytical objectives? What would help you be more effective or what frustrates you most about your work?
Without a doubt we reach our analytical objectives. Nacsport is an important part of that, it’s so complete that any detail you want to look for is possible. 

The most frustrating thing for me is time. I’d like more equipment and a lot more time. If I could have 10 more hours a day to work I would take them. But that’s why it’s important to organise and prioritise your workload.

How do players and coaches value your analytical work?
At first players and technicians weren’t that receptive to having new technologies around. But over time they’ve realised it makes their work easier and they can see the improvement in players. So little by little, they have come over to the idea.

But it is true that there exists a process and convincing people of the benefits of increased analysis is not always straightforward.

Do you use other tools in your analysis or presentations?
Yes, we use Sharimg as the platform to host our reports on, for the technical team to access and KlipDraw to enhance our presentations. Although I would say that Nacsport provides a complete solution and works fine on its own.

How do you see the development of the role of analyst in soccer?
I am very sure that it’s here to stay and that over the next few years it’s going to become even deeper. A lot of it depends on us analysts. We’ll develop from someone who works largely alone, recording games, into a crucial part of the technical organization within a club.

Our professionalism, preparation and dedication will be the drivers of this emerging profession and it’s future influence within football.

Something we can eliminate is the requirement that analysts must come from a coaching background, have experience of training teams or even matchplay. And no need to have an official coaching qualification.

If you could add one new tool or feature to Nacsport, what would it be?
That’s a difficult one. I already find Nacsport a very complete software.

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