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27-June-2019 on Users

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Anna Montañana Gimeno enjoyed a spectacular basketball career, including a spell at Minnesota Lynx, before joining the backroom staff at Fuenlabrada and becoming the first female technical coach in the top flight of the Spanish men's game.As our recent IX Nacsport Network event drew to a close Anna was kind enough to spare us a few minutes and tell us how she uses Nacsport in her work with both men’s club Fuenlabrada and the Spanish national women’s team.    

When and how did you discover Nacsport? 


It was at a Spanish Basketball Federation summer camp in 2015. I’d never used any kind of performance software before apart from some basic MAC video editing programs. I remember as it was the moment my coaching career began.

Which teams at Fuenlabrada are using Nacsport?


Only the first team at present. 2 of the 4 coaches working with the team are using it.

Approximately, how many matches do you analyze each week?


This year, including European competition and league matches it could be between 8 and 9 every week.


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How do you use Nacsport and what does a ’typical’ analysis involve for you?


If I’m working for the club I have my own customized template. But when I’m with the FEB (Federación Española de Baloncesto) all the coaches work from a standard template.

Normally, my role revolves around individual scouting, analyzing the performance of chosen players. I’ll combine that information with the matrix to create my presentation, which will also include any video clips I think are important and a PowerPoint presentation to summarise my conclusions.

Ultimately, the way my reports are presented depends on the coach I’m reporting to and how they work with graphics.

Do you work in real time during matches? 


No, I don’t, although I would like to. 

It’s one of the areas I want to learn more about. I’ve tried it once, but not continued. The FEB ‘Short’ Championships, where there is less time on court, could be a good place to pick it up again.

Who do you deliver your reports to?


In the ACB (Spain’s domestic league) I deliver my reports directly to the players - and the coaches if they want to be included.

Again, in the FEB (national team) I’ll work directly with the players on day-to-day analyses and deliver summarised reports to the heads of each area of the squad, (defence, attack, etc)

How is your work used? Do other coaches use your presentations?


Not normally. I work directly with the team although very occasionally another member of the coaching staff will use parts of my work.

Do you focus on any particular areas of ​​the game in your analysis and do you ever analyze rival teams



Yes, my main focus in on individual players and analyzing their performances. I also analyze opposition players.

How do you think the team benefits from your work? Are there long-term benefits for the club?


I’d like to think they are and that our work benefits the players. Nacsport makes it simple to show them clips of their play and I believe that visualization process makes it easier for them to understand what we ask of them on court. 

Additionally, I think simply using a tool like Nacsport helps professionalize a club, it’s coaching staff and players. Plus it adds a visual dynamic to our work, which also has benefits.

Do you reach your analytical goals? What would help you be more effective or what frustrates you most of your work?


I changed my computer earlier this year because I was getting frustrated with the time it took to edit videos. Since then my work has been transformed. We spend so much time in front of a computer that every shortcut and time-saving tool helps shorten deadlines and increase productivity.

I’m very happy with the new laptop, but now I need to really master the software in order to do my job better. I have to improve on templates and more importantly accumulate (and save) better quality analysis

How do players and coaches value your analytical work?


I think they value it. It’s my obsession to reach the players with a message they can understand and to provide scouts with a useful resource.

Do you use other tools in your analyzes or presentations? 


I don’t, but I do know we are considering expanding the softwares we currently use.

Do you use external data providers? 


Yes, InStat and Synergy

How do you see the development of the role of analyst in your sport?


I think it is essential to provide analytical data that can help decision-making. 

It’s clear that we will never replace human instinct, dedicated preparation or practice, but I do see analysis as a big help in decision making.

If you could add one new tool or feature to Nacsport, what would it be?


I would like to be able to select portions of a video clip to view in very slow motion. If I’m not mistaken, right now it’s only possible to slow down entire clips, rather than smaller sections.

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