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Update 2.9.0: The finishing touch to a great year

04-12-2017 Written by Nacsport 6 minute read

Nacsport’s update 2.9.0 is now released with around 50 new tools, integrations and fixes. Most signi...

What is #SmartMove and why should you be interested in it?

03-11-2017 Written by Nacsport 8 minute read

Here’s the big question in professional sports video anylisis circles at the moment. Nacsport...

Panel Flows: An Evolution in Performance Analysis

05-10-2017 Written by Nacsport 4 minute read

Nacsport update 2.4.5 was a milestone in the way data gets registered in video analysis software whe...

Spanish basketball Supercup: the secret ‘weapon’ of the champions

28-09-2017 Written by Nacsport 2 minute read

Valencia Basket was crowned last Saturday as Supercopa Endesa 2017 champs. This is the first officia...

Data matrix in your Tag&go app with the 2.8.0 update

12-09-2017 Written by Nacsport 1 minute read

The Tag&go update 2.8.0 provides a quantum leap for Nacsport’s app. Three new features have been...

A great bunch of new tools with Nacsport 2.8.0 update

06-09-2017 Written by Nacsport 4 minute read

Nacsport’s update 2.8.0 is finally here. The fifth one of 2017, which is adding 35 new tools to our...

Nacsport Tag&go: Time saving & easy registering

22-08-2017 Written by Nacsport 2 minute read

If you own an iPad or iPhone, you do not have to carry your laptop to register a game with Nacsport....

Integrate KlipDraw Animate into Nacsport with update 2.6.5

25-07-2017 Written by Nacsport 2 minute read

Update 2.6.5 has been already released. Nacsport users will be able to integrate Animate, the latest...

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