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Nacsport Starter's Guide: Download, Install, Start Analyzing

09-11-2023 Written by Duncan Ritchie 8 minute read

Although Nacsport is very intuitive to use, we often get messages from people who download the free...

How to Update Graphics Card Driver

28-06-2023 Written by Duncan Ritchie 4 minute read

One of the most important pieces of hardware when it comes to working with Nacsport is the graphics...

10 Tips for Creating Your First Sports Video Analysis Template

08-05-2023 Written by Duncan Ritchie 11 minute read

Designing a well organized, functional tagging window is absolutely key to performing a good analysi...

Level Up Your Video Analysis with a Nacsport Upgrade

20-03-2023 Written by Duncan Ritchie 9 minute read

With Nacsport, you can upgrade to a higher level of software without having to buy it from scratch....

How to Quickly Share Analysis Work with Players

05-10-2022 Written by Duncan Ritchie 12 minute read

One of the main objectives of video analysis, if not the most important, is to improve performance,...

Why Analysis By Positional Groups Is Becoming More Common

29-09-2022 Written by Duncan Ritchie 9 minute read

Over the last decade or so, the work of the analyst has grown exponentially to the point that, in mo...

5 Errors to Look Out for When Conducting a Video Analysis

21-09-2022 Written by Duncan Ritchie 16 minute read

Whether you are just getting started in the world of video analysis or are a seasoned pro, mistakes...

How to Use IP Cameras for Sports Analysis

09-09-2022 Written by Duncan Ritchie 15 minute read

There are many options available for filming sports for analysis. We’ve already talked extensi...

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