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Eye-Catching Data Visualization with Nacsport and PowerPoint

12-04-2021 Written by Tony Bambrick 11 minute read

Tony Bambrick has been using Nacsport Basic+ and Klipdraw for analysis since early 2019. A match and...

7 Football Websites For Soccer Analysts

25-03-2021 Written by Duncan Ritchie 8 minute read

Transfermarkt, Soccerway, InStat…   These names are probably familiar to you and they...

Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) for Soccer Analysis

18-03-2021 Written by Sergio Almenara 13 minute read

Sergio Almenara is a Spanish soccer coach and analyst with extensive experience in Finnish soccer. C...

How to Scout an Opponent in Football

17-03-2021 Written by Sergio Almenara 9 minute read

Sergio Almenara is a highly experienced football coach who currently works as an assistant technicia...

Real-Time Analysis with Nacsport: All the Options

23-02-2021 Written by Duncan Ritchie 16 minute read

Real-time analysis is becoming increasingly widespread in the world of sports video analysis. Becaus...

XML: Its Importance for Video Analysis

19-02-2021 Written by Duncan Ritchie 6 minute read

One of the things that the professional video analyst values above all is the ease of use of both th...

Nacsport Dashboards: All You Need to Know

17-02-2021 Written by Duncan Ritchie 17 minute read

Getting to know the Nacsport Dashboard is fundamental for any analyst as having the ability to turn...

Nacsport and Sportscode: Using Both Together

09-02-2021 Written by Duncan Ritchie 13 minute read

They say that variety is the spice of life. And if those spices are combined and coordinated in harm...

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