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Turn your clicks into stats with Dashboard Tool (Part 1)

08-11-2017 Written by Nacsport 4 minute read

*Read time: 4 minutesDashboards allow users to turn registers into visual stats. With them, you will...

Get the most out of Nacsport’s Drawing Tool

18-07-2017 Written by Nacsport 3 minute read

The Drawing Tool –which is in all Nacsport programs - allows users to convey ideas or messages in a...

How to capture video in Nacsport through a SDI signal?

04-07-2017 Written by Nacsport 3 minute read

In this post, we will show you how to capture a signal from an SDI source into your computer. The pr...

Tips for creating an effective video to send to a college sports coach

27-03-2017 Written by Nacsport 4 minute read

If you are hoping to earn an athletics scholarship in order to go to college, then a well-presented,...

10 Basic tips for your first button template

13-03-2017 Written by Nacsport 3 minute read

Have you started using Nacsport and feel a bit lost? Don’t worry! We have compiled some simple trick...

Learning the ‘Drawing’ tool in a futsal scenario

02-02-2017 Written by Nacsport 11 minute read

José Antonio Valle is a Spanish futsal head coach and physical trainer. He has been working in diffe...

Nacsport's Real Time Streaming

05-05-2016 Written by Nacsport 2 minute read

With all Nacsport programs [except for Nacsport Basic], you will be able to stream information (dash...

Important tip when it comes to choosing your new video camera

24-03-2015 Written by Nacsport 1 minute read

If you are going to purchase a new video camera for your video analysis workflows, at Nacsport we hi...

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