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5 Pro Tips for Maximizing Your Rugby Video Analysis Software

03-07-2020 Written by Darren Lewis 7 minute read

For his seventh article for Nacsport, Darren Lewis, Head of Performance Analysis at Gloucester Rugby...

7 Characteristics Every Video Analyst Should Have

17-06-2020 Written by Duncan Ritchie 11 minute read

Today, video analysts play a crucial role in sport. But when we look back to the origins of our comp...

Reveal More with Category Frequency Charts

26-05-2020 Written by Duncan Ritchie 4 minute read

The Nacsport timeline is a world onto itself, full of options and possibilities. For example, did yo...

Shine a Light with Data Patterns

13-05-2020 Written by Duncan Ritchie 6 minute read

Ask any coach or video analyst what they would add to their arsenal of analytical tools and you&rsqu...

Renew Your Nacsport

07-04-2020 Written by Duncan Ritchie 7 minute read

Whether it’s time for you to update your Nacsport Support and Update Service, or whether it&rs...

Nacsport Resources

16-03-2020 Written by Duncan Ritchie 6 minute read

At Nacsport, we’ve been working for many years on providing you with a wealth of resources des...

Nacsport Guides: How to Get the Best From the Software

16-03-2020 Written by Duncan Ritchie 6 minute read

Starting out with any new piece of software can often be overwhelming, never mind something as speci...

Nacsport Pro vs Elite: Sport Analysis at the Highest Level

12-03-2020 Written by Duncan Ritchie 16 minute read

Well, we’ve already taken you through the differences between Basic, Basic+, Scout and Pro, an...

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