Level Up Your Sports Analysis with a Nacsport Upgrade

By Duncan Ritchie

20-March-2023 on Tips

9 minute read

With Nacsport, you can upgrade to a higher level of software without having to buy it from scratch. You only have to pay the difference between one product and the other. So, if you feel that you need to move to a higher version of Nacsport, just get in contact with us.


Need more buttons in your tagging window? Want to work with more than one video at a time? Need a specific tool which is not available in your current software?


An upgrade could be the perfect solution for you.



What Does “Pay the Difference” Mean?


The formula isn’t as simple as subtracting the price of the new product from the current product.


It’ll depend on your particular situation: the license that you currently use and which one you want to upgrade to; the type of payment plan you have (single payment or installments); whether you are up to date with Support and Update Service payments or not.


There are so many variables that it’s impossible for us to cover them all in this article, but we’ll try to make a brief summary nevertheless.



Everyone Can Upgrade


Every Nacsport user can upgrade their license regardless of the payment method used.


Also, there are no limits to upgrades. You don’t have to go from one level to the next. You can skip levels and go to the program you need. A Nacsport Basic user can skip Basic+, going directly to Scout, for example.


Let’s take a look at some of the most common upgrade scenarios that we see everyday.



Basic vs Basic Plus



Basic to Basic+ 


In 2002, Nacsport Basic became a subscription only service and, therefore, this option only applies to those who purchased their license before this date. 



Available Options


Upgrade to Basic+ in installments.  You can pay for your upgrade in three annual payments, during which time the Support and Update Service is included.


Upgrade to Basic+ in a single payment. The simplest scenario. You have a license which is already paid in full. Simply pay the difference between both.


Sign up for a course and get a 3-month license included. If you want to try Basic+ for a period of time before fully committing, we recommend enrolling in one of our Official Starter Courses. In addition to learning how to get the most out of the software, you’ll also get a 3-month Basic+ license to play with.


Note: We are currently in the process of updating our courses. They will be available early in Q2 of 2023. Sign up to our mailing list and we’ll notify you when they go live.



What Do You Get in Basic+?


Check out this comprehensive article to see all the differences between Basic and Basic+.



Upgrading to a Higher Level


If you want to upgrade from Basic to Scout, Pro or Elite, you can. The conditions and options are exactly the same as for Basic+.


Check out the side-by-side comparison of all programs on our website. 



Basic Plus vs Scout Plus



Basic+ to Scout


This is another common upgrade route. You realise that the ability to analyse more than one video in the same session is something you need. This would allow you to, for example, compare and contrast an opponent in three different matches at the same time. To do this, the minimum package you need is Nacsport Scout.



What Options Are Available to You?


Buy Scout whilst still paying Basic+ installments. You don’t have to finish paying the installments of Basic+ before you upgrade. Move to Scout and begin paying the difference in three more annual installments. 


Important: The amount you pay will depend on how much you have already paid towards your Basic+ license.


You have a fully paid for Basic+ license but want to buy Scout in installments.You have a Basic+ license, but a single payment upgrade to Scout is out of your budget. No problem. You can pay the difference in three comfortable annual installments with the Support and Update Service included until the end of the payment period.

You want to upgrade to Scout in a single payment. No problem. Whether or not you have your Basic+ license fully paid, you can upgrade to Scout with a single payment. Once again, the amount will depend on how much you have left to pay on your Basic+ license and whether your Support and Update Service payments are up to date or not.



What Do You Get in Scout?


Making the jump to Scout is entering the world of professional analysis. You can see what we mean in this article, where we compare Basic+ and Scout.



Upgrading to Higher Level


Nacsport Pro and Elite open up a world if infinite possibilities for your sports video analysis. You can move from Basic+ to either of these high level programs by simply paying the difference in the same way as you did with Scout.


Once again, check out the side-by-side comparison of all the different programs on our website. 



Upgrade to Scout, Pro or Elite



Scout to Pro or Elite


It’s the same as before, but with even more options. Therefore, we like to analyse each individual case in order to give you the best service possible.


We would encourage you to contact our sales department for a customised quote.



What Do You Get in Pro and Elite?


Again, we articles which comprehensively compare each program.


Click here to see Scout compared with Pro.


And here to see Pro compared with Elite.


Also, again, we’d like to remind you to check out our side-by-side comparison for a quick view of the differences between each.



Upgrade Today


This guide is for your reference only. If you’ve weighed up your options and have decided you want to take the leap and upgrade your performance analysis, we recommend getting in touch with our sales department, who will talk you through the process.


If you still have questions, they will be able to put your mind at rest too.


Thanks for reading.

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Are you enjoying this article?

Subscribe to our newsletter and receive a monthly compilation of articles, interviews and Nacsport tips for video analysis.

Thanks for subscribing to our newsletter!

Once a month, we'll send a compendium of our best articles, interview and advice, straight to your inbox. Enjoy!

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