How does theAtletico de Madrid Academy’s Department of Analysis benefits by using Nacsport?

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30-January-2018 on Users

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Recently we posted a blog showing how Atletico de Madrid Academy’s Department of Analysis worked with Nacsport. In this article we look at how they integrate Nacsport into their video analysis workflows.

Jose Luis Sanchez is the Head of the Analysis Department in the Academy and one of the first analysts using our software in Atletico de Madrid. Within this blog, he will revealthe kind of data that is searched, how data are analysed and how they are presented to players in the last stage of the analysis.

ATM2 camara

Button templates allow great customisation

The Nacsport process always begins with the button templates. Maybe you are tired of hearing this, but it’s necessary to remind you that a good button template is vital for a good analysis. Users can only collect data included in buttons, so planning this stage is important. Our programs allow great customisation possibilities for collecting and reviewing any situation that can happen during sport events.

“We have a unique button template model for all our Academy teams”, says Jose Luis Sanchez. “The Area of Apprenticeship& Methodology together with the Area of Recruitment & Development have it clear which patterns need to be observed”, added.

The template has been configured by the Heads of these two departments - Javier Vidales (Apprenticeship& Methodology) and Natanael Cano (Recruitment & Development)- and the Department of Analysis, where Sanchez Vera is responsible. “We have adapted those patterns to be used by all our teams”.

Observation in constant evolution

The aim to improve generates a constant evolution in Atletico de Madrid. The button templates have been thoroughly planned and studied by the areas we mentioned before, and they are not restricted to one fixed model. “A rigid template limits the observation and we are constantly looking to be efficient. We do believe in what video analysis can give us, so our eyes must be focused in the pitch. The template is therefore open to changes therefore”.

Tag&go: optimising work in the pitch

The Atletico performance analysis team use Nacsport Tag&go during training sessions. “We have the cameras configured to automatically control the footage so the analyst can be in the pitch registering what we need to register. Thus, the process of video analysis is quicker and more efficient”, he explains.

ATM2 taggo

When the training session comes to an end, registers are immediately synchronised with footage so both coaches and analysts can work at that exact moment or take the analysis home. “Tag&go allows us to optimise our work during training sessions”, says Sanchez Vera.

KlipDraw: a perfect partner for Nacsport

Apart from using Nacsport, Atletico de Madrid are also KlipDraw users. “This is another significant breakthrough for the Club. Before having it, drawings on videos were a difficult task and we didn’talways have time to make them as we needed to export the work, make drawings with other programs and then import them again. With KlipDraw integrated into Nacsport, we can improve the graphic presentation of the reports we deliver to coaches”.

ATM2 klipdraw

How is information presented to players?

If the button template was the first stage of the analysis process, presentation becomes the last one. All conclusions are shown in the presentation and they are organised according to different analysis needs in multiple playlists.

Atletico de Madrid analysts follow some patterns, but once again the analysis is not strict and is provided depending on the real needs. “Our presentations are not limited with a certain number of actions and their content will always depend on what we are looking for. The only thing we demand is for them not to be longer than 6 minutes and all the clips must be important for the players”.

ATM2 presentacion

“We believe presentations longer than six minutes make them tedious and players start losing interest”, explains the analysis boss in Atletico de Madrid. “Apart from team video sessions, we also have individual presentations from multiple approaches: skills, tactical, physical or even emotional presentations. These are made for all teams and we pursue two goals: reinforce positive aspects and correct negative ones”.

There is no specific number of presentations during a given week. “This will depend on the head coach. As a general rule, there is only one presentation including our last game, dead ball clips and a report for the next game. Some coaches make one presentation and others divide them into different presentations”.

“It’s vital in our daily workflows”

“Today we could not live without Nacsport. We spend 80% of our daily workflows with the software. Both Nacsport and KlipDraw are vital for us” because both programs provide Atletico de Madrid Analysis staff with “efficiency and functionality”.

“We can optimise our time and we can easily extract any data we need. It’s an intuitive tool providing us with insights thatenable us to reach the deep data we are looking for. Along withthis, it’s so easy to understand the basics that anyone can start using it with a couple of instructions. Our team has adjusted really quickly to the solution”.

Sanchez Vera recognises the ability of Nacsport as a company to adapt to the continued requirements of a constant developing sector. “An accessible tool regularly updated to comply with the needs of video analysis”.

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