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By Duncan Ritchie

13-December-2023 on Users

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When it comes to using Nacsport for video coaching, the team at Canada’s British Columbia Amateur Hockey Association (BC Hockey) are relative newcomers to the software. 


But this season, they’ve implemented the full Nacsport workflow into their coaching, scouting and live analysis setups.


And it has paid off. Although we obviously can’t take all the credit, we are proud to have supported them to bronze in the 2023 National Women’s Under-18 Championship. 


Congratulations team! A great achievement!


In this blog, we talk to Video Coach Allan Russell about their adoption of Nacsport for video coaching and the development of their workflows.


So, let’s get started…

BC Hockey Nacsport


(Nacsport): How easy was it for coaches to pick up the Nacsport workflow?


(Allan): Because there was such a tight turnaround, responsibility for developing the workflow fell on the video coach.


In the end, it was an easy task to tag and filter clips and download them to share with the coaching staff.


Because we’re using the software on Mac, sharing clips was a simple process. Airdrop was the key and has played a key role in our workflow for being able to share clips quickly and easily.


Nacsport video analysis canadian ice hockey



How important was it to get everyone on the same page quickly to help coaches convey key messages? How did Nacsport help with this process?


It’s extremely important to get everyone on the same page fast.


Because the 2023 National Women’s Under-18 Championship had such a demanding schedule, it was extremely important for us to have the workflow dialled in.


Nacsport provided us with great support and all the extra training we needed to get this done.


The software was easy to get started with, and having the ability to create and customise your own tagging windows so they contain exactly the parameters you need was huge.


This helped us greatly, especially when it game to in-game tagging and pre-scouting our opponents.


BC Hockey Nacsport tagging window



How do the coaches use video and integrate it into the training schedule?


We have developed a very efficient method of sharing messages and insights with players and coaches. 


As I said previously, using Mac’s Airdrop feature has been key for this. It gives us the ability to instantly share special team clips and pre-scouting videos with staff members in an instant.


This means that players can come and sit with the coaches and get instant feedback. This might happen post-game, but it can even be done during the game in the breaks between periods.


Our video sessions are built around the presentations feature in Nacsport, a versatile tool which makes it easy to choose relevant clips for players, organise them into lists and either present directly from the software or export the videos for external viewing.


We are extremely happy with this method of working. Creating presentations and exporting videos from Nacsport has been a smooth process since the day we implemented it.

video analysis nacsport ice hockey



How do you use the live analysis features of Nacsport to positively influence and support the team during a game?


With Nacsport, you aren’t limited to a default analysis template. The fact that Nacsport’s tagging windows are so customisable has been a huge benefit for us. It means that we can tag and pull the exact clips that coaches want to see.


With Nacsport, you aren’t limited to a default template.


This means that we can review special teams between periods, which has a positive impact on the game. We can also tag face-offs, block shots, gap control and missed positioning.


All of this allows us to support the team by showing them video clips during the game.

BC hockey nacsport champions



After a game, how do you and the coaches approach post-game reviews?


Because there is such a fast turn-around between games, we would just pull the tagged clips for special teams and goals for and against.


Where Nacsport really played a role for us post-game was pre-scouting our next opponent and tagging their games.


The ability to tag these games was important for building accurate pre-scouting reports. Goaltender reports, the tendencies of opponents, forechecks and special teams - these were all integral in our game preparations.

video review with nacsport



Winning the bronze medal was a great achievement, huge congratulations! How well did your players respond to the video coaching they received during Nationals? 


The impact on the players has been overwhelmingly positive. 


Being able to pre-scout and tag their videos with Nacsport has had a direct impact on the players and their game preparation on a day-to-day basis.


The players have also responded well to reviewing clips in between periods. It has allowed them to reflect on their strengths and weaknesses and make changes accordingly. 


An example of this might be reviewing penalty kills and defensive zone shifts in order to make necessary system adjustments.


nacsport bronze medal champs canada



Any last words?


Nacsport provided us with the perfect video solution for Nationals, from support to in-game tagging features it couldn’t have been better.


The workflow was smooth and I would recommend it to anyone looking for software offering customizable solutions for your team.




And that’s all for now. We’d like to thank Allan for taking the time out to speak to us about his work and video analysis processes. It has been a fascinating insight.


And congratulations to Allan and the whole team at BC Hockey for the bronze medal win in the Nationals. This is a great base to build on and we can’t wait to continue supporting your efforts next season. 


Let’s go for gold!


If you have read this and are interested in finding out what Nacsport can do for you, we would encourage you to download the software and start a FREE 30-day trial. You can get started here.


If you want more information about Nacsport or anything else you have read in this article, please don’t hesitate to get in contact with us here.


Until then…


Thanks for reading.

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