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Real-time Data Receiver

Receive data and video live from any device running Nacsport Pro+ or Elite. Up-to-the-second analysis direct to where it’s needed most.

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Real-Time Data

Analyst in the stand with Nacsport Pro+ or Elite. Coach on the bench with Coach Station receiving real-time analysis.*

*Elite allows you to stream both videos and data. Pro+ allows you to stream only video.

Freedom to Navigate and Review Video

Rewind live video to any point from where you started streaming. Review any action on video regardless of what has been tagged by analyst.

*Note: Video will not be saved to receiving device, only by transmitting device.

Share tyour video and analysis with other devices.

Fully Independent Dashboards

Set-up Coach Station-specific statistical information, completely independent of streaming device.

Two Programs in One

Coach Station complements the Nacsport license without replacing it. On finishing live-streaming session, use Nacsport as a normal video analysis tool.

High-End Complement

Nacsport’s professional licenses offer distinct live-review options. Coach Station complements this function, amplifying the possibilities for accessing and personalising the information received.

work with a lot of devices

Combine With:

Combine tag&go with nacsport basic plus

A great choice for getting started in video analysis.

+ info ->
Combine tag&go with nacsport basic plus

More tools allow for the extraction of more detailed information.

+ info ->
Combine tag&go with nacsport scout

An excellent choice if you are looking for a balance between power and budget.

+ info ->
Combine tag&go with nacsport pro plus

A high-end package for the professional analyst at a reasonable price.

+ info ->
Combine tag&go with nacsport elite

A top-end package for top-flight teams and analysts. All the features you could ever want.

+ info ->


Click on the icons below to get an overview of some of key features of Nacsport Scout+.

Logo Nacsport coachstation
playback video

Play registers received from the main computer
Access to any moment in your videos
list extra tools nacsport tag&go

list features registering actions

Show prices nacsport Tag&go


list features data matrix

Data Matrix

Use own data matrix


(*) Features available in matrices will depend on their inherent limitations.

list features dashboards


Use own dashboards


(*) Features available in dashboards will depend on their inherent limitations.

list features share in real time

Live Review

Receive real time data from a main computer


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