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Send Live Videos and Data Directly to the Bench

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Supported on Windows

Help coaches make the right decisions with images and data streamed directly from another Nacsport program...

Analysis Streamed Live to the Bench

The Perfect Tool for Live Analysis

If you work live, Coach Station is for you. Send live data to where it's needed most.

What Is Coach Station?

The Game at Your Fingertips

Connect to Coach Station, start receiving images and watch what you want, when you want. Rewind, rewatch, make decisions.

Real-Time Analysis with Nacsport

The Perfect Tool for Live Analysis
View Data Your Way

View Data Your Way

Create dashboards and data matrixes specifically for Coach Station which are different from emitting device.

Nacsport Dashboards

Two Programs in One

Coach Station is an add on which temporarily converts your Nacsport into a data receiver. At the end of the game, continue using Nacsport as normal.

Product Comparison

Coach Station: Important Information

Any Nacsport product, apart from Nacsport Viewer, can be temporarily turned into a Coach Station receiver.


Availability of some dashboard and data matrix tools will depend on the original product used.

Nacsport Pro can only be used to receive video whilst Elite can receive both video and data.

The Definitive Guide to Coach Station

Improve Your Performance


Take Your First Steps into Video Analysis

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Dig Deeper into Your Data for a More Professional Analysis

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Enter the World of Top-Tier Sports Video Analysis

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The Perfect Software for Clubs and Analysts with Major Ambitions

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Video Analysis at the Highest Level

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