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The next evolution in sports video analysis for pros who want more...

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Demand More from Your Video Analysis

Analyze without Limits

Go above and beyond. Create as many tagging windows and use as many videos as you need to get the absolute maximum from your analysis work.

Tagging Windows: The Definitive Guide

Analyze without Limits Analyze without Limits
Every Second Counts

Every Second Counts

Get the most out of every click. Tools designed for unparalleled data collection in record time.

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Who, What, When...and Where

Add unrivalled context. Create heatmaps and zone maps, see passing lines and much more.  

Enhanced Graphic Descriptors

Who, What, When...and Where Who, What, When...and Where
Joint Live Analysis

Joint Live Analysis

Teamwork on and off the field. Receive live data from other analysts, bring it all together and send to the bench. Don't miss a thing.

Live Analysis Options

See the Game from Every Angle

Simultaneous live capture and analysis from up to four different cameras. Go further into your analysis than ever before.

See the Game from Every Angle See the Game from Every Angle
All Your Data at a Click All Your Data at a Click

All Your Data at a Click

Find what you need quickly and easily. Powerful clip filtering tool for searching through multiple analyses.

Mass Data Visualization

Dashboards which allow the visualization of data from multiple matches, both global and filtered. Add formulas to dig deeper.

Dashboards: Everything You Need to Know

Mass Data Visualization

Professional Video Presentations

Add PowerPoint slides and external video sources. Incorporate audio notes, texts and covers. All you need for great presentations in one place.

Nacsport Presentations

Professional Video Presentations Professional Video Presentations

Share Work Quickly and Easily

Generate Quick Share links to share tagging windows, analyses and presentations with colleagues. You can even share between different operating systems.

See how they work

Be the Eyes of the Coach

Connect to the bench from anywhere. Send data and video to help with decision making at any moment.

Nacsport Coach Station

Create a Closed Analysis Ecosystem with Nacsport Hub

Online Video Analysis and Communication
for Clubs and

Connect the offline and online worlds with Hub, not just the ideal place to store and share your video analysis work, but also the best place to connect the entire club through the Team Channel. Work, learn and grow together.

Nacsport Hub Quick Start Guide

How Does The Team Channel Work?

Promote Participation and Autonomous Growth

Designed to favor the interaction of all the members of a team: it generates conversations, facilitates collaborative learning and enhances critical thinking.Tools that result in the collective benefit.

Track the Long-Term Performance of Players, Teams and More

Monitor the performance of players, groups or the entire teams automatically over a given period of time. Share information publicly or privately with other teams as part of a club’s commitment to a competition. Everyone benefits from video analysis.

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"If a coach asks me to see five high pressing situations by Man City, for example, I can find them quickly and efficiently. This is the beauty of Nacsport."

Greg Mathieson

Head of Opposition Analysis, Liverpool FC

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Improve Your Performance


Add tracking and animated drawings to enrich your videos

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Collect game data and video with your iPhone or iPad and sync it with your computer

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Easy Review of Analysis for Players and Coaches

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Coach Station

Send Live Videos and Data Directly to the Bench

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Remote Control App for Video Analysis Presentations

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