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Register your event in two different ways

Register your event in TWO different ways:

(1) live (real time),
(2) from a video file


Formats: capture, playback and making videos

Capture in AVI and MP4. Work with any of these playback formats (AVI, WMV, MOV, MPEG, MPG, MOD, M2V, MTS, M2TS, MP4, FLV, MKV, M4V, TS) and make videos in other five formats (AVI, MPEG2, FLV, M4V, MP4).

Up to three “jump” options in playback

Users will be able to customise up to three different options of “jump” times to move forward and backwards along the video with different key combinations.

Rating registers

Rate your registers from 1 to 5. With these ratings applied, it is possible to order or filter registers in the timeline for specific viewing. Users can even modify these ratings in the timeline.



Timeline to edit all the registered actions

All the versions of Nacsport have a timeline clearly showing what occurred in an event. All the recorded actions can be easily adjusted and reviewed. The timeline provides a working environment which optimises the time spent on analysis, so you can easily lengthen or shorten actions, delete, duplicate, change information, add new categories (rows), change names and more. The timeline is the most important tool for working with your recorded actions.


Print or export reports to MS Excel® or PDF

You can export in two ready to present formats: registers ordered chronologically or ordered by category with totals of information included. You can also export different XLS format files for deeper statistical analysis in Excel for example.




Categories template (25 buttons)

The categories template is a window in which you create buttons for each item you want to analyse. You can create up to 25 categories buttons for a single template.




Insert text notes

Supplement your registers with extra information by adding text notes.




Insert drawings into your registers

Add drawings to your registers, either made by you or from imported drawings.  







Compare up to 8 actions

Compare up to 8 different video clips from the timeline simultaneously. You can also draw onto these comparisons.



Create presentations with action lists

Select your top actions from your timelines to share them with others, by organising them into lists according to your criteria. You can show your presentations both from the software or by producing a video with your analysis. 

Tools to edit registers in a presentation

New tools allow you to edit and move registers within your presentation. Drag & drop registers from one list to another to copy it or hold the Ctrl key and drag & drop to cut and paste from one list to another.



Dashboard Tool

Create a dashboard with unlimited charts and labels with data taken from one game.  Combine data in different types of charts. Add data labels. Check data for specific periods of an event from the timeline.





AND ALSO… ¡Nacsport Training!

TAll the programs include Nacsport Training, a software to organise your training sessions and games. It also allows you to create a video-library of your exercises. See further features in Nacsport Training.



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