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Open databases in the Timeline

Work with as many databases as you need in a single timeline. 





Change the start or end of a clip

Users will be able to change the duration of a register using their own criteria.


Temporary displacement of clip

Move a register within the timeline without affecting its length.




Data matrix

A data matrix allows you to see the numerical relationship between categories and descriptors.






Multiple data matrix

Create a data matrix with the registers from different timelines and associated videos.

Example: A data matrix with all the season’s games.




Actions searcher

Find specific registers within your databases using this powerful tool so you can set search filters. The search can be made within one game or all the season’s games, without limits.






Compare up to 8 actions

Compare up to 8 different video clips from the timeline simultaneously.






Show a presentation

Open a presentation to review it. You will be able to check notes and descriptors associated to a register as well.



Import/export XML files

Import XML files from other systems with timeline based products and export Nacsport databases to this format.


Print or export reports to MS Excel® or PDF

You can export in two ready to present formats: registers ordered chronologically or ordered by category with totals of information included. You can also export different XLS format files for deeper statistical analysis in Excel for example.




Zoom over videos

Zoom in/out of images during video playback. You will be able to extract the zoomed frame to save it or insert it into the video.