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1-create customized templates sport software Create customisable templates

The categories template is a window in which you create buttons for each item you want to analyse, according to your criteria and by using two different levels: primary level (categories) and secondary level (descriptor). Descriptors are created to further describe a category. You can create as many buttons as you wish. 



2-Import template football soccer software



Import templates from Nacsport

Create your templates with your Nacsport video analysis software and import them to work with the app. 




3-change apearance buttons basketbal software


Change button appearance

Select different options to create personalised buttons. You will be able to change their name, colour, size and also include pictures. 




4-buttons behavior software baseball



Change button behavior

Buttons will behave as you wish: hierarchy level (categories or descriptors), length of a register (pre/post click time) or mode (manual or automatic mode). 





7-multitouch ipad software sport




Multi-Touch gestures in the Categories Template view

You can control functions in a simple and natural way with finger gestures within the categories template view.






Edit templates after initiating the tagging process

You will be able to change your template configuration after you have started your tagging. 


5-remove last register software sport



Delete last register

Correct your analysis as you go by deleting the last register.




Descriptor registers end of a Category

An option to register the end of a category with the descriptor you have selected.


6-hide menu sport performance analysis



Hide menu

Make the most of the screen surface by hiding the tagging menu. You will be able to show it again at any moment. 



Multi-Touch gestures in the Tagging view

You can control functions in a simple and natural way with finger gestures within the tagging view.








Export databases to work with your Nacsport

Share your analysis in a comfortable way by sending databases via email.




9-export xml statistics sport performance



Export XML file to work with timeline based products

Export databases as XML files.


10-export itunes software synchronization sport offline

Share your files through iTunes

You can share your Tag&go analysis to Nacsport through iTunes.





Export your template

Share your template among iPads and iPhones

App store esp
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