Analyst Spotlight - José Ángel Samaniego

As one of our most respected customers and a user of Nacsport since we first launched more than 12 years ago, José Ángel Samaniego is a basketball analyst, with a reputation for his methodical approach to the game.

Now at Russian club Zenit St. Petersburg, José popped into the Nacsport office last week, to grab a sneak peek at our new LineUps feature, which we’ve developed with basketball - and other sports where players rotate throughout a game - in mind.

Naturally, we took the chance to ask him a few questions...

Samaniego Plaza


Analyst Spotlight - Michael Byrnes

In our latest Analyst Spotlight, we travel to Ireland and the world of Gaelic sports, to meet a young analyst taking a very measured and strategic approach to his work.

Not surprising, when you consider Michael Byrnes (on the right in this pic) has an MSc in Sports Performance Analysis from Ireland's much acclaimed Carlow Institute of Technology.

IMG 1104

A sneak peak at some of the changes coming in our next update

Over the last year, we’ve spent a lot of time listening to analysts, coaches and scouts across a variety of different sports. Many of the changes we’ll be introducing throughout 2019 are the direct result of their feedback.

In this blog we’d like to introduce you to 4 of the new features inspired by those conversations and tell you a little bit more about each one;


Analyst Spotlight - Rubén Berrogui Baigorri

In the second of our frank and open interviews, with Nacsport users pushing our software in new directions, we speak with another of Spain's emerging generation of analysts taking the discipline to new heights.

In this edition CA Osasuna's innovative First Team Analyst, Rubén Berrogui Baigorri, discusses his route into analytics and how his work with the first team has gradually filtered through to every area of the club.        
CA Osasuna Analista Ruben Berrogui Baigorri
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