Testimonial: Jesús Olivera, video analyst Sevilla FC (football, Spain)

Testimonial: Jesús Olivera, video analyst Sevilla FC (football, Spain)

We have recently talked with Jesus Olivera, the analyst from Sevilla Futbol Club, one of Nacsport's users in the Spanish Liga. Satisfied with the software, he explains that the program “makes our analysis work easier and lets us save time in comparison to other software”.

According to Olivera, using technology in the world of sport is “very important”. “I would give it an 8 out of 10”, he added. As far as video analysis software is concerned, he stands out that Nacsport “allows us to analyse our teams and opponents”. After the capture phase, it’s time for them to gather their data.

“It’s very useful for us”, Olivera says. “Nacsport allows us to get data which helps to: know ourselves better, detect mistakes, visualise issues better and find out the strengths and weaknesses of our rivals”.

Sevilla FC have used Nacsport software from September 2011. “Our experience is good. Nacsport makes it easier for all of our work as already pointed out. I would emphasize how we can filter information thanks to categories distribution. Also, the real time workflow is essential for us”.

Olivera also talks about their constant help from the support service. “They help us a lot whenever we have any queries or issues. "If I had to grade them out of 10, I would give them an 11” he concludes.

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