Nacsport’s Mohamed Ali

Nacsport’s Mohamed Ali

You are surely familiar with the name of Mohamed Ali. If we mention these two words, you will create in your minds the image of an Afro-American boxer who became legend during the 60’s and 70’s. But Nacsport has another hero with the same name. He lives in Singapore and is a Scout Plus user.

Both Mohamed Alis share something in common: they live (or have lived) with great passion their respective sports. But ours does not box at all. He coaches field hockey to humble children in schools and colleges from Singapore such as Punggol Primary School, Seng Kang Secondary School or Raffles Junior College.

Ali has been using Nacsport software since 2010 and lately he has upgraded his software to Scout Plus from old Scout. “This software has been always a very useful tool in helping me in my coaching needs”, he answered to an interview carried out by Nacsport’s Communication Department. “I find in Nacsport many advantages: how other teams play, how we can improve our performance, not only technical, but also tactical, set pieces and many more aspects”.

“I am very happy with the whole software. If I have to mention something to stand out, I would say the cutting and editing set pieces of other teams to show our players their mistakes and also the good things they do”, he added.

We would like to know a little bit more about this user so we mailed him. And we found in Mohamed Ali an amazing human being. He is not only a great coach for youth players but also a philanthropist.

He has won three Development Coaching Awards given by Singapore authorities during his almost 20 years of coaching hockey to children. However, what we find astonishing and surprising was his cooperative and solidarity manner by paying tuition fees, school books and provide them with hockey sticks for those players who cannot afford it.

After knowing his story, we thought it was more than fair to post in this blog. We feel really proud to count on him among our users with. An incredible person. Thanks Mohamed Ali.

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