Nacsport’s Customised Opta Import for Football (Soccer)

Nacsport’s Customised Opta Import for Football (Soccer)

We are pleased to announce that our next update will include a Customised Import tool for teams using the Opta F24 files. This astonishing feature will allow users to import their F24 Opta packages to create a new Nacsport database, in an easily customisable way from Nacsport Scout Plus onwards.

Opta is the world's leading sports data supplier. This company collects more data and in more detail than any other company in the world. They provide customers in 40 countries with the information and videos they collect.

Nacsport’s Opta import feature will make it quicker and easier for coaches to carry out successful performance analysis workflows as they will have readily analysed data and videos to use with Nacsport’s extensive video analysis and review tools.

Nacsport users will need both the Opta F24 file and corresponding video file to create a database. After configuring some aspects such as names, orders, colours and PRE/POST times, our software will convert ‘events’ and ‘qualifiers’ (Opta’s equivalents of categories and descriptors) into Nacsport information.


Users will just need to synchronise the data with the corresponding video file by identifying the kick off points and that’s it!

Once the Opta data is made available in Nacsport’s environment, users will have access to a wide range of tools such as the timeline, matrix and graphic descriptors (this tool is only available in Nacsport Elite) to review their footage and also create powerful feedback resources.

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