Nacsport’s Categories and Descriptors

Nacsport’s Categories and Descriptors

The buttons created in your performance analysis template are ordered within two levels in Nacsport software. These levels are called Categories (main) and Descriptors (secondary). Think of Categories as general actions in sport and Descriptors like ‘adjectives’ for these categories.

In order to register actions happening in a sport event, you will need a category template with buttons. You decide how many buttons you want to create (Nacsport Basic & Basic Plus are limited to 25) and how they will act.

These buttons are ordered within two levels: Categories (a general action in sport) and Descriptors (give further information to the category). Please note that Descriptors are only available from Basic Plus onwards.

Examples of Categories and Descriptors

In football, ‘shots’, ‘fouls’ or ‘goals’ are three usual examples of Categories. Descriptors will give extra information to these actions to further define them. For example, usual Descriptors would be ‘good’, ‘first half’, ‘left wing’ or ‘Player no.7”.

As we have already said, Descriptors are like ‘adjectives’ for Categories. By using them, we would be able to register the following sequences: “shots + good + first half” (category + descriptor + descriptor). A main Category can be followed by one or more Descriptors.

In basketball, for instance, ‘3-point shots’, ‘free shots’ or ‘pick-and-roll’ are usual Categories. ‘First quarter’, ‘shot made’, ‘shot missed’, ‘center’ or ‘guard’ are usual Descriptors. Like in the football example, we would be able to have these sequences: “3-point shots + made + first quarter” (category + descriptor + descriptor) or “2-point shot + missed + center” (category + descriptor + descriptor).

Faster and effective analysis

The purpose of this distinction between Categories and Descriptors is to provide a more detailed register of the sport event. Searches will be easier and analysts will have more information available to reach better conclusions. This hierarchy system provides users with faster and more effective analysis.

Visual differences

Categories and descriptors are both buttons in the template. To show the difference between them, the software will include a little red point in the left-upper-corner of the descriptor button. This point will not appear if the button is a category.
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