Nacsporting even during his holidays

Nacsporting even during his holidays

He should be on holidays in the middle of July, but this guy is just not like that. When a man loves his job, he does not understand the meaning of ‘spare time’. Marco Antonio Canal, video analyst for Sporting de Gijon (Spanish football team), has tweeted a photo analysing all the strategy clips made by his side during the 2013-2014 season.

To carry out this analysis, Marco has used a data matrix, which allows users to see the numerical relationships between categories and descriptors. Users can also click on the results to watch the related video clips from the selection. Even though Sporting Gijon has a Nacsport Elite, this functionality is available from Nacsport Basic Plus onwards.

Marco Antonio Canal is probably one of the heaviest Nacsport users among football customers. At least, in Spain. During the season, he works daily with our software. He records training and matches without rest. An excellent professional who has chosen us for his daily workflows. We feel very proud of being part of his day-by-day routines and we are always open to support him when it would be necessary.

The relationship between Marco and us is now beyond professional. When Sporting Gijon visited Gran Canaria (where the head office is) for a game against local team, Icenk, from our support staff, went to his hotel to meet him personally and catch up. If you want to know more things about his work… read this post from when we interviewed him some time ago.

Marco, thanks a lot for being there!
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