Kyle Kirby reveals why Wallsall FC has joined Nacsport

Kyle Kirby reveals why Wallsall FC has joined Nacsport

Kyle Kirby from Wallsall FC has given us some words about the reason why this side from the English Football League 1 have chosen a Nacsport video analysis package including Basic Plus and Tag&go. We are very happy to welcome them to our community and would like to thank Kyle for his testimonial!

“After much research into video analysis software, we decided to opt for Nacsport Basic Plus as we needed live coding to give coaches and players insights during the game, rather than previous years where we have just given post-match debriefs. Costing was a huge factor for us and with everything we needed, the decision was easy”.

“The Tag&Go iPad app was also a big selling point, as at some games we go to there isn't gantry facilities with nice protection from the weather, so we can still get the details within the game as it is a lot easier to protect an iPad than a laptop that may also require power supplies etc. too”.

“I initially heard about Nacsport through Twitter, where there were some good reviews and screenshots. YouTube also had some detailed videos of how the software worked with live feeds etc. The staff at AnalysisPro Ltd have been first class in communicating through emails which have been responded to virtually instantly, and with the demands of the football industry, it is a reassuring factor”.
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