Real time capture and register with Nacsport

Real time capture and register with Nacsport

With Nacsport video analysis software, coaches and performance analysts will save lot of time. Every software in Nacpsort’s suite –from Basic to Elite- allows users to capture and register in real time. By doing so, when the event finishes, you will have your actions already registered and classified.

If you want to carry out this kind of observation, you will need to have one Nacsport program and a video camera. You have some different options to choose:

HD hard disk cameras

You can use the camera you wish, but you must make a connection between the camera and the computer using one of these devices (video digitisers):
(Full HD 1920 x 1080 Resolution) Approx. price 150-200 euros (£80-120).
(720 x 576 maximum resolution) Approx. price 40 euros.

In the attached video, you will see how a USB Hauppage device is connected:

If you are not going to capture video and register actions at the same time (real time), neither of these devices are required. In this case, users just need to copy video files from the camera’s hard disk to the computer hard disk, or an external hard disk.

Mini DV video cameras

Both the camera and computer must have a FireWire port. A connection between the camera and computer is made using a FireWire cable (without any video digitiser needed).

These cameras are very difficult to find nowadays. Laptops with FireWire ports are equally difficult to find.

And do not forget that Nacsport supports every video format provided by usual video cameras, such as: mts, m2ts, mp4, mpg, mpeg, mod, mov...

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