Orenga: “Nacsport offers us the solutions we need for our performance analysis” (1st part)

Orenga: “Nacsport offers us the solutions we need for our performance analysis” (1st part)

Juan Antonio Orenga, the Spanish basketball head coach, has granted us an interview some days before the beginning of the 2014 FIBA Basketball World Cup. His team is one of the favourites to win the tournament. Once more, Spain will use Nacsport as the performance analysis software to carry out their workflows.

“Nacsport offers us the solutions we need for our performance analysis””. These are words from Orenga, Spain’s basketball head coach. And he is pretty sure about what he claims, because he has been working with our software for around four years, with many tournaments completed. He started to work with our performance analysis software when he was the assistant coach for Sergio Scariolo, the previous national team head coach. Today, as he is the ‘boss’, Nacsport is still playing a key role within the team's scouting workflows.

According to Orenga , there are two important points to highlight about Nacsport features. “On the one side, we can save a lot of time and work and, on the other side, we can easily organise all the scouting we handle. The software allows us to quickly get access to the info we are looking for”.

“When I was a player, this was sci-fi”, he grins. “With video analysis software, everything is now faster. For example, some time ago, we had to watch the whole game again. Editing was a really hard process. Today, we have already scouted a game from last night [he is referring to USA v Brazil, which was played the day before this interview took place]. Also, it’s easier to transfer info. We can just pass our players a pendrive with the interesting clips on, unlike before when we had to burn a DVD or a video…”.

Information is essential

The players are really proactive in asking for more information about their rivals. “They are very demanding about handling information. It is essential for their work on the court”, he explains. Regarding this, Juan Antonio Orenga considers that “if we would not count on information, we would be lost, despite the fact we have great players. But you cannot face a game without information. You need to know about the individual and team skills of your rivals. Nowadays, it is impossible to play a game without analysis”.

“Knowledge gives us a great start over our rivals”, and this is essential in a tournament with games almost every day. “If you consider the schedule of our games along with the fact that we would like to count on updated information from our rivals [they will play immediately before Spanish games], we will be starting analysis late in the night, so we will be finishing really late. Without Nacsport, we can hardly sleep during the tournament”, he says with a subtle smile of complicity.

Fortunately, Orenga will have a team to carry out these workflows as well. “We have staff analysing our rivals and opponents in other pools, but we have to be aware of all the teams in the tournament, because we cannot wait to know who are we facing in qualifying rounds to start scouting them. This is something we have to be aware of in advance”.

(to be continued...)

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