Orenga: “Nacsport offers us the solutions we need for our performance analysis”  (2nd part)

Orenga: “Nacsport offers us the solutions we need for our performance analysis” (2nd part)

Analysis in elite basketball

In this age of information, where most of the players are well-known and, in many cases, are even rivals in domestic competitions, it seems that there are not so many new things to analyse. But, according to Orenga, analysing is now more than necessary. He used the USA as an example.

“For this World Cup, the American roster has changed. Some players are not coming, due to injuries or other reasons, so their style will change. For instance, they are now stronger in outdoor play areas, among other details. So their style will be different and we must adapt ourselves to stopping them. We will have to find our strategy to stop them”, he explains.

How can talent and information be combined for some of the best players in the world? Is it possible that they can still learn things at this stage of their professional careers? If a team “is able to compete with freedom of movements and take advantage of its talent… without there being chaos or exhibiting typical playing patterns, then that team will be really difficult to defend against”.

Why Nacsport?

Juan Antonio Orenga is fully satisfied with Nacsport. He has stood out the flexibility of the company to develop software answering their customers’ demands. As if he were talking about basketball, he reminded that “if you are resting on your laurels, then your rivals will catch you”. But he was not talking about sports, but Nacsport’s will to keep growing and provide their customers with more and better solutions every day.
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