Can I install Nacsport video analysis software on more than one computer?

Can I install Nacsport video analysis software on more than one computer?

It’s common among sports coaches or analysts to work with more than one computer. In this scenario, many customers ask if they are able to run their Nacsport video analysis software on different computers. The answer is ‘yes’, but you cannot do it at the same time. You must disable the license in one computer before you can enable it on another one.

We have previously explained this capability on our website’s “Frequently Asked Questions” area (a great place to look for answers on other topics too!), so this post is aimed to offer you with even more information.

First of all, we recommend you take a look at this video:

As you can see, Nacsport video analysis software can be installed in as many computers as you wish, but you will not be able to run them simultaneously. If you only own one license, you will only be able to run Nacsport on one computer at a time.

Let’s make an example: you are leaving your PC and you will be working on your laptop. First, you need to disable the license on the PC. Next, you need to open Nacsport on your laptop and enable your license there. Simple! You can now work with your Nacsport video analysis software.

Enabling/disabling licenses is a really easy task and it only takes a few seconds. All you need is an Internet connection. Once the license is activated, you will no longer need an Internet connection.

Mate, where’s my analysis?

Remember that your work is saved locally on your machine. Analysis, databases, templates, presentations and all the information you save will be stored in the NAC SPORT DATA folder, which is inside “My documents” or the “Documents” folder within your computer [name will vary on your Windows version].

This means that if you are changing to another computer, the work you have already saved in one computer is not automatically available in other computers. If you wish to carry on with this same work on other computer, you must access the NAC SPORT DATA folder on the first computer, then copy your files onto a pendrive or portable hard disk to transfer them onto another computer.
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