Bangor University students talk about Nacsport software

Bangor University students talk about Nacsport software

Our British resellers AnalysisPro Ltd offered students from North Wales Bangor University a training day on the their Nacsport Basic Plus performance analysis software licences. In this post, you will find some of their statements after a thrilling and intense workday.

Josh Evans said that “the system is really good and easy to understand and use when you’ve given it a go”.  James Loftus described Nacsport as “fairly simple to use” and defined the software as “a really good tool to breakdown games and highlight specific points and players movements”. This student also stressed out the Autosave tool as being really useful for performance analysis workflows.

Mark Kelly claimed the system “very user friendly” and Stephen Beattie said it is “beneficial as a coaching tool” because it “enables in-depth analysis which is crucial for a coach to improve team and individual performance”. Stephen added that “the software platform is really easy to use and has a wealth of options which are all useful”.

The students agreed that Nacsport is a “useful” tool to “highlight key areas by breaking down video footage”.  Meanwhile, John White noticed that “players can see where they need to improve” and also that Nacsport “could be used by referees too as they can see their positioning and what decisions they got right or wrong, or maybe they didn’t see”.

“Beneficial for local clubs/teams and coaches/players to analyse performance”, commented Aled Thomas when asked about Nacsport. Finally, Paul Magee added that “the main benefits I can see from using the system is people can actually see how they have been performing. Coaches can also see if their tactics are working”.

We would like to thank Josh Bryan from AnalysisPro for being able to show the Bangor students the benefits of Nacsport. Every single statement outlined how easy and clarifying the day was thanks to Josh’s explanations and training.
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