Atlètic Barceloneta: Spanish Waterpolo Champs Work With Nacsport

Atlètic Barceloneta: Spanish Waterpolo Champs Work With Nacsport

Club Natación Atlètic Barceloneta were crowned champions of the waterpolo Spanish King's Cup for the fourth time in a row last February. This trophy, along with ten more consecutive Spanish league titles, confirms an absolute dominance of this sport in Spain for this Barcelona side. Head coach Chus Martin reveals some of his secrets for success with Nacsport playing a starring role.

There is a Spanish saying where the English equivalent could be: "There is more than one way to skin a cat". In short, the meaning could be that every coach has his own secrets to do things. For Chus Martin, Nacsport is definitely one of these secrets. "I take my computer everywhere. You can learn so much with the software and the information that I collect is huge. Nacsport has given me so much. Without the software, I would not know what to do", he yells.

Five seasons together

Nacsport and CN Atlètic Barceloneta’s roads crossed five years ago. Chus Martin was then assistant coach and video analyst of the team. Before Nacsport entered the club, clips were made with conventional video editing software. "It was really tricky to work when we did it then and took so much time. Then, we met you. It was love at first sight and we decided to improve our workflows".

Apart from the recent track record, CNAB (the name of the team in short) are the 2014 Champions League and European Super Cup winners. Both titles were achieved with Martin as head coach. That is the great challenge for the Barcelona side every season: win that European title, as probably the best teams in the world are all pursuing it.

Nacsport as database

"In the Spanish competition all teams and players know each other so we have plenty of information. But, on an International level, where we only play around ten games in a season, it is harder to get that content", explains Chus Martin. In this scenario, the work of Nacsport is essential as a database.

"For me, it is extremely important to count with a database with analysis during five years. It is incredible the amount of information that I have collected. With other software, it was impossible to have that stored, organised and available", he added.

He bases his work on "the work of the head coaches in rivals. They all have their own ideas and way of training, so from that aspect, I can make conclusions. From an individual point of view, with the information that I have stored, we can detect behaviour patterns in shots or goalkepeers' weaknesses to give a couple of examples".

Better decisions

Like Nacsport's motto claims "quality of information, better decisions", Chus Martin admits watching every single game to build up knowledge. "We record and analyse every game and then we bring up statistics from them along with my assistant coach David".

At a second stage, Martin works on the individual side of each player’s performance from the clips recorded. "Team sessions are made only for special occasions, such as tournaments or important games. During the regular season, we stress on personal skills from clips we have in our databases".

A very tactical sport

Waterpolo is a sport where strategies and tactics are really important. "It is a very slow discipline. Basically, because it is played in the water and there is not a great variety of plays such as in other faster sports. That's why we are always looking for new plays from what we already have and see".

Nacsport is therefore such an interesting tool to learn game movements. "When we sign a new player, I show him videos so he can process our system in a more effective way", Martin concluded.

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