Nacsport's Real Time Streaming

Nacsport's Real Time Streaming

With all Nacsport programs [except for Nacsport Basic], you will be able to stream information (dashboards, clips and/or drawings) in real time via a local network. This data can be received on different devices: other computers, tablets or smartphones.

Analysts will be able to share information (dashboards & play by play clips) with other staff members about what is happening in a live game or event. A main computer is registering actions and therefore sending them to other secondary devices.

Depending on your Nacsport software, you will be able to stream different kinds of data: from Basic Plus onwards you will be able to send dashboards but from Pro Plus, you can also send clips and drawings.


If you want to stream data in real time, you will need the following things: a video camera, a computer with Nacsport software installed [any of them except Basic], a video capture device (AverMedia or BlackMagic) which will be connected to the computer and a network access point. Streaming can be delivered via a Local Area Network (LAN), without the need of an Internet connection.

Data can be reviewed on different devices: computers, tablets or smartphones. Access to the content is made through common web browsers (we advise to use Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome).

In the following video, you will see a real example of real time streaming with Nacsport.

Users receiving data can create custom playlists [this feature is only available in Nacsport Elite] from the clips received. These playlists are useful to highlight actions which could be shown to the players in half time or in any moment of the game.

*Note: If you want to later review a playlist in any place where you are not connected to the LAN, you must first play the clips in your playlist and not close the browser window. To carry out this action, you must use Mozilla Firefox.
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