Nacsport to help video analysis challenges in RKVV Westlandia

Nacsport to help video analysis challenges in RKVV Westlandia

Dutch football side RKVV Westlandia are using Nacsport for the second season. Gert Jan Weijer is their coordinator and tells us the experiences of the club using Nacsport software.

"This is the second season that we are using video analysis intensively through Nacsport at RKVV Westlandia. Last year we used some Basic licenses, but for real video analysis workflows we had to grow". Since the 2015-2016 season, the video coordinator started to give video analysis a fixed place in the development of our way of playing.

"I would like to thank Jan Willem and Carlo from CaJa Sport Software, the official resellers of Nacsport Video Analysis Software in Holland, for the great service and support which helped us to build the ideal analysis workflows that we had in mind.

When setting up the video analysis workflows, we identified 3 goals in the 2015-2016 season:

1. Giving the opportunity to all the junior teams to record their games on Sunday and register clips in an easy way, so they could review that back on Monday
or Tuesday.
2. With the A1 team, we wanted to experiment with making individual clips and sharing those clips with them.
3. On Sunday with the first team, and also sometimes with the A1 team, we wanted to show analysed clips in the half time break.

In order to reach those goals, we had a specific way of working in mind. The system had to be easy to use because several video analysts and coaches had to work with the same procedure. The system would also need to work quickly as we needed to present analysed clips during the half time meeting.

Building the system was a big challenge. At this stage, we regularly had contact with Jan Willem Neuberg from the support department of CaJa Sport Software. He gave us the feeling that we could find solutions to any issue we faced so as to reach our goals. With their help, we managed to make a perfect video analysis workflow to meet our goals.

This year, we will also be sharing individual player clips from each game with the U19 team. For every home game of the first team on Sunday as well as the U19 team, we will be watching clips during half time as well.

Without Nacsport software (Nacsport Scout Plus and Nacsport Viewer) and the great support from CaJa Sport Software and the Nacsport head office, we could not have reached these analysis workflows".
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