Opta’s integration into Nacsport at Huddersfield FC

Opta’s integration into Nacsport at Huddersfield FC

Maybe some of our readers outside the UK will know about Huddersfield Town FC because they will be Manchester City’s next rivals in the 2017 FA Cup. For the Nacsport family however, they are much more than this. They have a lot to show our community. For instance, how they integrate Opta data into Nacsport to be used in their analysis workflows.

Let’s read some thoughts Huddersfield FC analysts Chris Markham and Chris West gave us about this and other topics as well:

“At Huddersfield Town AFC, we have been using the Nacsport video analysis software for 2 years. This season, we upgraded our 2 Basic Plus licences to a Scout Plus and an Elite licence to enable us to carry out more analysis workflows. We analyse our games with customised templates and make use of the OPTA F24 import feature that is available in Scout Plus and Elite.

This means we can supplement our own analysis with the data created by OPTA, then create presentations using these registered clips from different games. Additional notes and drawings can be added onto our clips in the presentation window, and we can export all the clips for use in our other club review and presentation workflows used by the manager”.

If you want to read more information regarding the Opta import into Nacsport video analysis software click here.

Chris (West) was new to using Nacsport this season and quickly learned how to use the different features on offer, noticing how much more powerful Nacsport and it’s different features are in comparison to the SportsCode software he used previously. One of the tools that speeds up creating presentations and exporting lots of clips is the Search tool, which allows us to find specific actions (a combination of a Category and our selected Descriptors) from multiple games instantly.

“We enjoy the support we receive from AnalysisPro and know that when we have any questions about workflows, need technical support or a recommended feature request to make our jobs easier, they will get back to us straight away.

The Nacsport team are very quick with their developments of new features and workflows and we know that our communication through AnalysisPro means we have the chance of getting features that will make our life easier implemented in the software, which is a great relationship to have with any software.

Josh from AnalysisPro recently visited us to see our Nacsport workflows and to show us the new features which were released in the latest update. We learned some more useful shortcut keys and workflows that will increase our Nacsport efficiency and got to see some other developments that are currently being worked on”.

Chris Markham and Chris West
Performance Analysts
Huddersfield Town FC

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