Why did HC Alecto move from Hudl (GameBreaker) to Nacsport?

Why did HC Alecto move from Hudl (GameBreaker) to Nacsport?

For years, several teams of the Dutch Hockey Club Alecto have been recording their games. Since Jair Levie became technical director of the club, there has been more structure and use of videoanalysis software. Jair used to work with GameBreaker, but two years ago he moved into Nacsport.
One of the reasons that he and the club have chosen Nacsport was the diversity of the program: “You can choose between many different programs which are easy to use and affordable, so more teams can make use of it”, he claims.

Alecto Jair

“At the moment, we are using 3 Basic Plus licenses and 2 Tag&go licenses (Nacsport’s iPad and iPhone app), to tag during the games so we benefit from it afterwards. Besides this, the Nacsport support is great and makes the whole picture perfect. We work with technique so it is nice that if you have a question, or when something goes wrong, you know they will respond very fast to give you support; which has happened rarely”, adds Jair.

“With the first ladies team, which I coach, we record and tag each home game. Because we have someone tagging during the game, at home I can easily watch all the clips back and prepare my presentation easily. With the Basic Plus license of Nacsport you can work with the Matrix, from where I can easily choose the clips to put into the presentation, where I can edit them further and show them to the team. With the youth teams, we have also started doing the same on a regular basis this season, so players are getting used to video analysis before they make the step to the men’s or women’s first team. This is a great step forward”. added.
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