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Panel Flows revolutionise the way data is registered in Update 2.4.5

Panel Flows revolutionise the way data is registered in Update 2.4.5

Nacsport’s update 2.4.5 is now available, with more than 15 tools included in our different products. The biggest innovation comes with the Panel Flows (Pro Plus and Elite): a revolutionary tool which will enhance the way data is registered.

Panel Flows for templates will optimise the registering environment, with the ability to design multiple templates as different layers, all using the same space. At the same time, it will increase the efficiency and accuracy of registering during an observation due to the order in which buttons appear to be chosen from.

Apart from this awesome feature, this update will add another 12 new features (and 2 downgrades) in different environments, specially focused on improving the user experience when it comes to the timeline and presentation windows. Some existing issues have been already fixed too.

This update is released two weeks after the previous one: 2.4.1 was made public on March 17th, allowing the integration of the KlipDraw drawing palette into Nacsport.


From BASIC onwards:
• Compare registers in the timeline with an external clip
• Merge one row into another in the timeline
• Export video with original resolution from timeline

From BASIC PLUS onwards:
Timeline filtered by colours
• Show descriptors grid in the timeline
• Loop playback of a register with R key in timeline and presentation

From SCOUT PLUS onwards:
• Set a minimum number of descriptors for a category
Script of a presentation
Import PowerPoint slides in presentations

From PRO PLUS onwards:
Create new row from a matrix result
Consolidate presentation
• Create a new list in Presentation playback environment
Panel Flows for templates

From ELITE onwards:
Descriptor Calculator
• Multiple XML import


From BASIC onwards:
• 4K Video playback
• Special characters in video file path
• Time format when exported into XLS
• Timeline loading speed

From SCOUT PLUS onwards:
• Progress bar when an analysis is imported into a timeline
• Length of secondary videos in video angles
• Auto-link of secondary videos when the main video file is moved

* Users must have a current Nacsport Technical Support and Update Service contract to receive the update.


Basic | Basic Plus | Scout Plus | Pro Plus | Elite | Viewer


To download and install the update you only have to follow these instructions:

• If you have enabled automatic updates, when you start the program and are connected to the internet, the message "Update available" will automatically appear.
- Click on the "Download" button to start the process

• If you don't have automatic updates enabled.
- Click on the "Help" button in the main menu
- Click on the "Check for updates" button in the main menu
- Click the "Download" button in the new window that appears

If you are facing any problems during the installation process or after updating, please contact us by just mailing .
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