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Nacsport Tag&go: Time saving & easy registering

Nacsport Tag&go: Time saving & easy registering

If you own an iPad or iPhone, you do not have to carry your laptop to register a game with Nacsport. TheTag&go app allows you to replicate exactly the same workflows, but from these mobile devices, therefore increasing comfort and portability whilst saving time.
With Tag&go, you can import a template from your Nacsport software or create your own ones directly in the app. In both template creation and registering processes, Tag&go has all the features and options included in all Nacsport programs. For instance, Panel Flows and button groups.

(*Note: With Tag&go, you can create Panel Flows and use the database collected with them in any Nacsport program, accepting the inherent limitations in number of buttons or their behaviour in certain versions of our software).

When registering data in real time, you will save time because at the end of any given game or event, you will be able to send databases (your clicks) in Nacsport or XML formats via email or through iTunes. Then you just have to sync your video file with the clicks and that’s it!!

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Tag&go allows you to register data wirelessly in real time to an observation which is being made in a main computer, that is capturing video with Nacsport Elite. All devices must be connected to the same LAN network and the clicks made with Tag&go (from one or multiple apps) are merged in the main computer.

With this feature, one team can have multiple observers clicking at the same time (one for defensive actions, another one for individual clips... and so on). They will be ‘sending’ their registers to the main computer.


If you want to test Tag&go, you can download it free from iTunes. If you want to use the full version without any restrictions, contact our sales department at .

You can check more information about this product with this brochure.
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