Coaching Styles: How much video footage should players review?

Coaching Styles: How much video footage should players review?

Nowadays, it seems undeniable that elite players must have audiovisual information –their own or opposition- to improve their performance. However, when it comes to deciding the amount of video footage they must review, there is a reasonable dispute: lots and detailed or little and precise information?
According to our experience –which is based on customer feedback- a recurring answer comes up: “it depends”. Yes: it depends on many factors: players, kind of games, time or competitions... but it especially depends on the coaching style.

Last week we posted an article about Valencia Basket, explained by their assistant coach JaumePonsarnau. He has been enrolled in that Spanish basketball team for the last two seasons. During that time, the Valencia side has won the last two official tournaments played in Spain: Liga and SupercopaEndesa in less than four months.
But there was something unusual after both titles: each one had a different head coach on the bench. And their styles are really different!

Martinez: thorough work but condensed presentations

Pedro Martínez was head coach for Valencia Basket until June 2017. They won the last Spanish domestic competition Liga Endesa 2016-2017. This coach had been using Nacsport for almost a decade: in Valencia but also in previous experiences at Gran Canaria and Manresa.

vidorreta pedro martinez

Ponsarnau reveals some of his guidelines. “Pedro bases his coaching method on the videos and clips registered. He goes deeps into videos to find elements which can help us to win games over and over again. He uses Nacsport thoroughly, but when it comes to presenting his work, he shortens what needs to be reviewed”. Nacsport allows him to work with big data and then filter it to reach the info he is looking for.

Vidorreta: detailed information and lots of it

Just like Martinez, Vidorreta is endorsed with success as a head coach. A couple of months ago, he won the first title for his new team and Valencia has made a great start in the current season. Just like Martínez, he also has a long experience with Nacsport video analysis software (to mention a couple: performance analyst in the Spanish national team or CB Canarias).

txus vidorreta sele

Yet, his philosophy is completely opposite to his predecessor. Ponsarnau explains: “Vidorreta transmits lots of information to his players. As head coach, he is really keen that they review lots of aspects in the game and makes it really detailed”.

Both styles are pursued in the amount of times and length of their respective presentations. The two head coaches focus on what is necessary though. “We intend that presentations would be no longer than five minutes or so. We may need different days to show concepts [as stated in our previous post] but they are usually short. Pedro may have longer presentations but the content was more with a teaching approach. Txusis more focusedontacticaldetails”.

What about you, dear readers? Which style represents you? Do you present lots of detailed information to your players or would you rather select precise and condensed content to show to them?
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