Video analysis for the Italian futsal team

Video analysis for the Italian futsal team

Since 2013, Davide Marfella has been the video analyst in the Italian Football Federation. He is responsible for six futsal teams: senior men and women’s teams, U23, U19 and both U17 male and female teams. In the following article, Davide shows us the skills a professional must have to work for the Azzurri.

We must travel back to 2012 to discover the origin of the relationship between Nacsport and Marfella. That year, Davide met Nacsport and purchased a Basic licence. Five years later that licence has become an Elite one after successive upgrades. Apart from this one, he also owns 2 Scout Plus and 1 Tag&go app.

“I have two computers: Elite is for one of them and Scout Plus for the other one. Along with that, Tag&go is for my iPad. The second Scout Plus is being used by the U17 head coach so he can open the .nac databases and presentations”, explains Davide Marfella.

24/7 work

Performance analysts have a 24/7 working culture. That’s something we all know. Davide represents this archetype perfectly. His life is organised around the official futsal calendars. He travels to every tournament, stage, competition or match any of his teams are taking part in.


“And when I am at home... my work does not stop. I am responsible then to analyse the opposition, so the video would be ready when we meet again”. In addition to this, he is also required to scout individual players as well.

Ability to adapt

Working with different teams has forced video analysts to develop an ability to adapt themselves into different coaching environments. The needs in all teams are different, depending on the levels and styles of each head coach.


Marfella has this ability. “I have created all the buttons templates and all coaches have agreed with them. I work basically on 3 templates: one for games, another one for video sessions and a third one for specific statistic analysis, which is made after games and tournaments”.

In fact, Tag&go is mainly used for this statistical analysis. Also, the Nacsport app for iPad is used in those venues where computers cannot be used. As seen here, the ability to adapt is constant in the work of the video analyst.

Time saving

One of Marfella’sgame can have “between 400-450 registers on average”. With this big data volume, Nacsport is essential to filter footage which will be presented to coaches and players in short time periods.

Games are recorded with their own cameras –sometimes with 3 different cameras so he can have multiple angles which can be used together thanks to the multiple angle tool of the Elite licence. Registering is made in real time without the video source and videos are later synchronised with the game data.


By doing so, when the game is finished, Marfella already has a big part of the workflows completed. “I select clips which will be highlighted in my presentation. These are shared with coaches. I make the first filter –about 30 minutes of footage- and then give it to the head coaches. They will decide which clips will be shown to players”.

As a general rule, Italian teams have one video session per day. Sometimes, there are even two on the same day. During competitions, these are divided into two parts: own analysis and opposition.

Apart from these regular workflows, Davide Marfella is also tasked occasionally to carry out individual analysis by coaches. Even the players themselves ask him to share presentations for specific performances. This is such a workload that it would be impossible if he would not have a Nacsport licence, which allows him to access the precise data immediately.

Enjoying analysis

“Working with Nacsport is so fun. I work with the software many times a day and I enjoy my work so much. Nacsport gives me a lot: a high-quality software and time saving processes, which are essential when working in such an important national team like Italy. That’s the reason I chose you”, concludes Marfella.
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