Turn your clicks into stats with Dashboard Tool (Part 1)

Turn your clicks into stats with Dashboard Tool (Part 1)

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Dashboards allow users to turn registers into visual stats. With them, you will be able to review your video analysis easily. In the following post (Part 2) we will show you the basics to start using this tool.
Dashboards are available in all Nacsport programs. There are slight differences depending on the software you use. For instance, you will be able to create one dashboard with Basic and two with Basic Plus, but unlimited Dashboards with Scout Plus, Pro Plus or Elite.

What kind of items can I add to a Dashboard?

There are several items that can be added to Dashboards, but we will gather them into three groups:

• Charts. Visual representations of registered data. Different kinds of charts: bars, pies or lines with their corresponding variations (landscape bars or columns, half pies, etc.)
• Labels. There are three kind of labels: text labels (to insert titles or explanations), data labels (show numbers for the results of your clicks) and time labels (playback timer).
• Pictures. Images to be inserted as a background or as another visual item in the template (badges, logos or photos).


How do I add these items?

Adding items to your Dashboards is a really simple task. There are three mandatory steps to create them:

1. Choose the kind of item. Select the kind of items which will be included in the dashboard. You can do it from the upper toolbar or by right clicking the background of the Dashboard.
2. Decide which data will show for the item. You must now select which data are going to be shown in the chart or label: categories, descriptors, categories combined with a descriptor, or categories combined with multiple descriptors (filtered or not).
3. Edit appearance. You will have different options to edit the format and appearance of the item. For instance, in charts you must decide which kind of chart will be shown.


*Note:Basic does not have descriptors, so ítems will only reflect results from categories.

The following video will show you everything that has been explained so far.

How will be data displayed?

Data will be displayed in several ways: numbers (they can include decimals), percentages or in time. This video will show you how to display percentages and time format for a very useful purpose:

Likewise, you will be able to customise format and appearance for not only the items but also the Dashboard itself (sizes, place, colours, fonts, transparencies...). Along with all of this, you can easily review clips corresponding to any item by clicking on a chart or label.

*Note: Registers can be reviewed by clicking on charts and labels in Basic Plus, Scout Plus, Pro Plus and Elite.

How are Dashboards updated? 

Dashboards are dynamic, so they can be reviewed during the analysis. You will see that charts and labels evolve as clicks are made, so you will not have to wait until the end to review them.

Also, they can be streamed in real time to other devices (computers, tablets or smartphones) connected via a local network.

*Note: You can stream dashboards to other devices with Basic Plus, Scout Plus, Pro Plus and Elite.

Dashboards are such a powerful tool that we’ve decided to split this post into two parts. This one is showing the basics for this tool and the second one will show specific functionalities you’ve seen in the different menus, providing you with high end solutions for your video analysis.

If you want to learn more about Dashboards, you should look at the next chapter in (Part 2)
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