Nacsport witnesses a wonderful season for Carabobo FC

Nacsport witnesses a wonderful season for Carabobo FC

Néstor Romero is the performance analyst for Venezuelan football team Carabobo FC, who are currently in the playoff to fight for the Torneo Clausura title (they are one of the four possible champions). This season they have started to use a Nacsport Scout Plus licence, which has “allowed us to review and deeply analyse our game and opposition”.
Carabobo FC are the pioneers in using Nacsport video analysis software in Venezuela at present. “Analysing footage with Nacsport is so quick that it cannot be compared with any other option. It has helped to enhance the relationship amongst the members of our coaching staff”, explains Nestor. Bolivian Julio Baldivieso is the veteran head coach of this project.

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“Coaching staff have really appreciated our performance analysis work. We analyse both our games and the opposition to prepare each game, and Nacsport is an important part of that improvement”, says Romero. As stated before, Carabobo FC are now fighting for the title in the playoffs, but during the regular season they beat several records: first place in the table, the only team with more than 60 points, most games won, least defeats, top scorers and best defenders.

Nestor Romeros works hand in hand with assistant coach Francisco Arguello. “I am responsible for the first big analysis. Arguello and the goalkeeper’s coach, Deusdedit Caguana, add more specific analysis onto mine at a later stage”.

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The harmony amongst the Carabobo FC coaching staff is expressed in their work with Nacsport. We have always claimed that creating a good template is a key factor for a good analysis. Romero’s knowledge using the software merges with the experience of teammates to configure a template “reflecting all our needs, both our own analysis and opposition in a simple template which is really handy for all us”.

“More analysis, better understanding”

“Many video analysts work with only one or two games. Thanks to Nacsport, I am able to analyse around 5 or 6 games. By doing so, I get more information which is really essential when it comes to making decisions”.

Nacsport considers that “the more you analyse your rivals, the more you understandthem so you can prepare your tactics better. That’s the reason why I like to work with different games, so my head coach has a deep knowledge about the strengths and weaknesses of our rivals. I provide him with a wide presentation covering all the topics needed”.

“We do not have a fixed structured but a standard week consists of different parts: Monday is our day to gather all the information and make the first analysis. Then, Tuesdays and Wednesdays are used to work with the head coach and prepare the presentations that we are showing our players on Thursday and Friday. We make around 4-5 meetings with the coaches and two sessions with players”.

“I am responsible to make the first filter to be shown to the head coach. Then, he decides what will be shown to players. Clips follow this order: build up, pressure to opp build ups, offensive actions, transitions defence-attack, transitions attack-defence, defensive actions, corner kicks and free kicks. My presentation to the head coach is around 25-35 minutes and he finally shows around 15-20 minutes to players”.

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“You are really important for us”

“There are two characteristics I would stand out from Nacsport: easy and immediate. Their tools allow us to get access to the clips we are looking for really fast. Along with that, it is really easy to get to them. In our team, all coaches are using it so you can see how simple it is. Being part of our workflows has been really important for us”, he concludes.
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