Customise Nacsport interface with your logo

Customise Nacsport interface with your logo

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Our main goal is that you feel comfortable using our software at all levels. For that reason, we have developed tools inside Nacsport so that you can customise the interface with your team’s logo or badge.
At this moment, you have three places to insert your logo: Main Menu, Home Page in Web Server and Exported Videos.

Main Menu.The most obvious one of all. Click on the Nacsport default logo to insert yours. Our software admits different formats, but we recommend you to select PNG files with transparent backgrounds. And, if you are selecting this option, it’s better if the logo does not have black elements, as it could merge with the interface background.

*Note: Available in all Nacsport programs.

Exported video. You will be able to add your logo in any of the four corners as a watermark when exporting your videos. In the corresponding menu, click the settings icon and select the specific option. Image sizesshould be smaller than 150x100 pixels. It also admits multiple image formats, but we recommend PNG files with a transparent background.

*Note: Available in all Nacsport programs.

Real time server. Logos will be shown on the home page of the real-time server. For this option, you can add several image pictures but in this case, you will have a white square around the logo regardless of what kind of file you add. Nacsport will adapt the picture to the square measurements so it’s better to use square logos.

*Note: Available in all Nacsport programs with real time streaming.


Apart from these three options, you can also add logos in other parts of the program even though they were not specifically designed for them: as a button/background in the template, an element/background in the Dashboard, in the drawing tool or as a cover in the presentation.
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