An “essential” tool for Argentinian side Club Talleres

An “essential” tool for Argentinian side Club Talleres

“Nowadays, Nacsport is an essential resource in our daily work”. These words are from Argentinian Superliga side Club Atletico Talleres, regarding the presence of Nacsport in their video analysis workflows.

Talleres are the trending team in Argentina at the moment this article is being written (almost December 2017), with the side in sixth position of the Argentinian top tier after nine games played.

“Nacsport provides us an incredible amount of data: we are able to save so much time when analysing and we count on more information about our rivals and ourselves. Also, we are collecting a big database with clips from all our games that can be reviewed easily at any moment”.

Diego Medina is the person speaking. He started using Nacsport this season and he is the man responsible for analysis in the Talleres first team. He is being supported by Gustavo Torres, who had previously worked with Nacsport during his career as video assistant in different hockey teams.


Organisation & filter of data

Analysis work is divided in two parts: live analysis in real time during games and post-game analysis.

Live analysis is made during games using a small template with specific buttons to register only the essential KPIs. Offensive and defensive transitions, steals, possessions lost, shots, and set pieces. “Along with these, we make an individual analysis of all players taking part in the game”, explains Medina. “We collect around 450 registers each game”.


When following training sessions after the game, a deeper analysis must be ready for the head coach. “During the following days, we review the footage again and collect opponent information to prepare video sessions for the players or hand the head coach the specific information he requests”, he adds.

Club Atletico Talleres count on their own post-game analysis (these ones can have around 700 registers) but also with footage/data providers such as Wyscout or Instat. Their XML files are imported into Nacsport and can be added to their own analysis.

Presenting work

“The whole work is summarised in short presentations where the length is no longer than 8-10 minutes, showing only the 3-4 most important clips for every category”. Thanks to Nacsport, great volumes of data can be edited, filtered and organised in lists to be presented “in any of the three sessions we have during the week”.

These are for the whole squad, but they also have individual sessions with specific players. “They really understand and accept our work. Not only that but they also request us to provide them with opponent information and videos”, concludes Diego.


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