Import Wyscout & Instat data into Nacsport

Import Wyscout & Instat data into Nacsport

Last week we posted an article showing how Argentinian side Club Atletico Talleres worked with Nacsport. One of the topics we talked about was how they use Wyscout and Instat data imported into our software for their video analysis workflows. Today we are learning a bit more about this feature.
Wyscout and Instat are two of the most important football data providers globally. Their platforms contain information and videos of teams, games and players from almost every single domestic competition in the world. Their usage is fully extended and it’s really difficult to find a professional team not using any of the two.

With any of the two platforms, users can have access to tons of data about thousands of games with a couple of clicks. However, the level of customisation is low as you will only get the parameters their analysts have registered. This is really awesome but according our experience, you will also need your own work.

This is where Nacsport comes in. Nacsport provides you with that high level of customisation you need: you can import Wyscout and Instat data, open them into our timeline, edit their registers and combine them with yours. For instance, Club Talleres use these data to analyse opposition and interesting clips will be added to their own performance analysis to prepare film sessions.

How does the import work?

Transferring data from Wyscout and Instat into Nacsport is made via the XML import feature. To import their data into our software you will need two things: (a) data in XML files and (b) video of the game.

Once you have downloaded them -it will take you more or less time depending on different factors: amount of data or your Internet speed- the import is really simple. It will take you a couple of seconds!

In the following video we are showing a real example of how Talleres import Wyscout and Instat data into Nacsport. Their coaching staff has kindly provided us with the screen capture so we can use this video for you all so many thanks for that!

As you can see, both processes are similar. In fact, the only difference between them is the platform’s interfaces and the way the information is organised but, in the end, the result is one or some XML files which will be imported into Nacsport with the corresponding video associated.
Once the data has been imported, you have multiple ways to make the most out of it. You can edit that data or combine it with your own analysis.

Talleres use the matrix tool to have the whole analysis in just one table. Selected clips are sent to presentation with information from other games.
In short, when the data are opened in Nacsport, you have multiple options to work with them. It will depend on how you use your video analysis software to find the results you are looking for. However, any question you may have about this post, we are at your entire disposal. Email us at .
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