eSports also need video analysis

eSports also need video analysis

Last summer, CF Rayo Majadahonda became the first eSports club using Nacsport to improve their video analysis workflows. This side from Madrid beganin June 2017 and they are eSports pioneers in using our software, to improve individual and team performance.
What are eSports?

For those of you who do not know about it, eSports (electronic sports) is a form of competition using multi-player video games. In recent times, eSports has experienced a considerable boom with full stadiums –world audience is estimated at 150 million- and top players are professionals with substantial salaries.

In this scenario, the needs of eSports players are growing and to a certain extent, many of their needs are similar to traditional sports. Video analysis is one of them and it takes a new dimension, as far as video is necessary to play.

Despite the name, eSports are not only video games of sports. There are multiple types of eSports. But they have all something in common: strategy plays a key role, so it seems essential to review, analyse and learn from previous performances. Using video analysis solutions such as Nacsport seems almost necessary.

Rayo Majadahonda: the pioneers

The Rayo Majadahonda eSports teams was founded on June 2017. They have three teams, one on each platform: PC, XBOX and PS4. The PC team is in the third category in VFO Spain, which is the official competition of football video game FIFA 11 vs 11. It is said to be the most similar game to real football.


One of the first steps after building up the roster was to find a video analysis software. Nacsport was their choice.“It was a great decision. It’s been extremely useful for us: we can learn better about opposition teams and we can improve our performance as well”, says David García, one of the members in charge of analysis in the team.

He is being helped in video analysis workflows by head coach Aarón Blanco, ‘Nix’. These two people are the basic pillars of the Rayo Majadahonda eSports project, together with Alejandro Fernandez, general coordinator of the team. “Nix and myself spent hours and hours analysing opponents. We spent around six hours every week to prepare for the next games and share information with other players”. And the official competition hasn’t begun yet!

Learning and improving

David García and the other staff involved in the analysis workflows are still exploring the software, but their first impressions have been outstanding. “The Nacsport Team is helping us so much, so we can understand how the software can be applied for our own benefit. We are now working to add more buttons to our template”, he explains.


They are paying special attention to goals. They are indeed the fey factor to winning and losing games. After reviewing them, they have found interesting knowledge to apply in future games, especially in the official competition.

The Drawing Tool is also one of their favourite tools to highlight messages and ideas to the players. “Being able to draw on the frames allows us to tell teammates the information we would like to underpin”.


David García is clear about this: “Using Nacsport is one of the best things to happen to us so far as a team. We are growing together and we are also growing as professional players. We are looking forward to other teams following our path and starting to use your software to improve their analysis. I would definitely recommend it to them”.

We would like to thank CF Rayo Majadahonda for their trust and choosing Nacsport as their video analysis software. We wish them the best of luck with their competitions! If you would like any further information about Nacsport, you can contact us .

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